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Office Olympics: Go for the Gold in Corporate Wellness

Wondering how to incorporate enjoyable exercise and good-natured competition into your current corporate wellness plan? With the Summer Olympics in full swing, now is the perfect time to rally your employees into participating in your company's very own Office Olympics.

It's no secret that employees' thoughts eventually turn to stupid games and goofing off at some point during the work day, so why not incorporate some silly events and not-so-competitive competition at the office to help break up the monotony of a typical day on the job? After all, nothing bolsters a corporate wellness plan better than humor and an office chair race.

Just like their Olympic predecessor, Office Olympics typically involve two or more teams competing against each other. For this reason, it's a good idea to divide your employees into teams prior to the first event, and be sure to assign each team a color or some other distinguishing characteristic.

Trying to complete numerous events in one day can be time-consuming, so it's best to spread the games out over an entire week, culminating with an awards ceremony on Friday.

Office Olympic Ideas

Here are some fun and inventive ways you can bring the excitement of the Olympic Games to your office.

Office Chair Race. Outline a race course through your office with chalk or tape. Pepper the race course with obstacles, such as cardboard boxes or stacks of printer paper. Have one teammate sit in a chair with wheels while another teammate pushes them through the course.

Then, have the employees switch places and maneuver through the course again. Each team is timed, and the team that completes the course in the least amount of time wins. But be careful, each time a team hits an obstacle, an additional five seconds is added to their time!

Sharpie Archery. Draw a target on a whiteboard or piece of sturdy, light-colored paper. Members from each team take turns throwing Sharpies at the target from a fixed distance. In order to score, the Sharpie must leave a mark on the target (not on the wall or an opposing team member.) Scoring for this game follows the rules set forth by the game of darts.

Employee I.D. Badge Toss. Set up three hula hoops as targets on the office floor and assign different point values to each hoop, i.e. the closet hoop is five points, the next closet is 20 points, and the furthest hoop is 50 points.

Give five I.D. badges to an employee from each team and have them toss each badge into the hoops from a set distance. After each employee tosses the badges, tally up their score. The team with the highest score wins.

Coffee Mug Marathon. Have an employee from each team fill a coffee mug to the brim and run through a pre-determined race course. The team with the fastest collective time and least amount of liquid spilled is declared the winner. Bonus points may be added for surmounting obstacles, however, bonus points for using piping-hot coffee is purely subjective.

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