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The Labor-Management Healthcare Fund Retreat

We began the Labor-Management Healthcare Fund (LMHF) wellness program about four years ago. Our goal was to incorporate various retreats focused on different wellness initiatives; but we found few facilities that met our needs. We were introduced to the Biggest Loser Resort Niagara at Beaver Hollow.

I took one look around the beautiful landscape and buildings to know that it was exactly what we were looking for. The folks at Beaver Hollow had it together with their innovative ideas and perfectly planned set-up. After the visit, we immediately began to plan the LMHF retreats at the Beaver Hollow site and very quickly made the decision to move all of the retreats there due to the great service and well-organized events that took place.

In addition, we decided to incorporate the Biggest Loser program with our efforts. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal. The staff, trainers, chef and employees are dedicated to wellness initiatives, making our job a lot easier. We can allow them to guide our members through the program with confidence.

When our members arrive at the resort, they are impressed with everything from the conference center, to the workout areas, gym, lodging, food and staff - it's all top notch. In addition to the week-long Biggest Loser fit camps, I also organize two and three day retreats that are held at the site. These events are always executed exactly as planned.

The retreats are professionally managed. These retreats are focused on a specific area of wellness and are an excellent way to jumpstart an individual's wellness plan. These educational classes bring to the member the importance of healthy nutrition and exercise.

Through a raffle process, we have sent over 200 members through the Biggest Loser program. We receive input from them over and over again indicating how this program has completely changed their lives. Many of our members continued with their efforts after leaving the retreats and went on to lose weight, some up to 250 pounds!

One man began the program using both a walker and a cane due to this weight. By the end of his week, he was walking without any assistance and has since lost over 150 pounds. We have many success stories like this. Our efforts are changing lives.

Employees aren't missing as much work because they're healthier, happier with themselves and happier overall. These efforts have also had the domino effect, as they are changing the lifestyles of entire families. Participation in these programs can assist in reducing occurrences of cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes and also eliminate the need or reduce the dosage requirement of some medications.

This is a win-win situation for us at Labor-Management Healthcare Fund. These programs assist in keeping healthcare costs contained as much as possible. The member benefits because they are enjoying a much healthier lifestyle and showing a better example for their family. When we started this wellness program, I knew our efforts had to be powerful.

The fact that the Biggest Loser Resort Niagara folks have enhanced our efforts greatly and are so committed to this program, we continue to achieve our wellness goals. I would recommend the Biggest Loser Resort Niagara to any organization considering an aggressive, worthwhile plan like the LMHF's!

About the Author

CHARLES V. VICARIO - Benefits Presenter & Wellness Coordinator| Labor-Management Healthcare Fund

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