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Increase Workplace Productivity The Right Way

Increase productivity the right way with a Wellness Program geared towards your employees.

Wellness Programs continue to be on fire as we roll into the last quarter for 2018. Companies continue to attract and retain top talent. The best way to do so? Add in a Wellness Program to encourage a healthy workplace.

Properly designed health promotion programs can positively impact an employer's bottom line. The American Journal of Health Promotion analysis found that for every dollar invested in workplace wellness, employers could expect a return on investment (ROI) of $5.81 thanks to the improved employee health and reduced medical claims. When more advanced prevention strategies and technologies are offered in health and productivity management, experts agree that employers could expect ROI perhaps even as high as 15:1.

Employers are well aware that neglecting the health of employees carry a high price in healthcare costs and lost productivity. More than 20% of an employer's health care costs are in the areas of modifiable health risks - blood pressure, tobacco use, physical inactivity, obesity, high stress, and depression. Proactive Wellness Programs can reduce and eliminate these risk factors.

Experts agree that several less tangible areas can also be positively affected by promoting worksite health. These areas include work effectiveness, decision-making ability, customer rapport, customer retention through improved service, and revenue generation potential.

Take it from the finest companies in North America that invest in workplace wellness initiatives; Sony Corporation of America, for instance, analyzed claims data and found that 50% of its indemnity plan costs were incurred by employees with medical conditions that could be changed with a simple lifestyle switch. Sony Corporation of America is one of many North American companies who, year after year, continue to see:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced health care claims
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved morale

Union Pacific Railroad found that 80% of its workers believed that the company's exercise program helped to increase their productivity and that 75% felt that regular exercise was helping them to concentrate better at work (American Journal of Health Promotions).

To conclude:

Invest in your most important asset - your employees - the right way. The impact of offering a Wellness Program outweighs any amount of investment made. Work with a Wellness Consultant to address your needs to engage, assess, activate, and achieve a work environment to continually attract and retain top talent, and maintain or drive revenue costs down.    

About the Author

Haley Shaw is a leading Wellness Consultant working as an extension for her corporate clients, looking to create healthy habits both inside and outside of work. Haley states, "I am here to empower others to unleash the powerhouse within themselves. We are in this crazy world we call life. Why not make the best of it? I guide others in uncovering their "why" to starting a health and fitness journey." Companies that are embracing the idea that healthy, happy employees are their biggest asset are going to be most successful in retaining and attracting top talent.

Remember the motto: "

"It's not just the workout; it's the lifestyle." - Haley Shaw

Your Wellness Consultant, Haley Shaw

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