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Executive Health & Corporate Wellness Programs - What are the Benefits?

In today's extremely busy and high-performance work environment, employees expect employers to provide a range of high qualitative wellness options.  For corporations seeking to invest in a healthier workforce - or simply engage keynote topics to enhance their own agenda - a variety of business programs are available.  

No matter what type of business you own or company you manage,  there is no doubt that a well-designed health/wellness program and executive health program simply save more money than they cost through medical decrease containment and increased productivity.

The social benefits from these well-designed wellness programs will show a decrease in conflicts in the work environment as well as lower rates of domestic violence and child abuse. Communities, individuals, families, the private sector, and governments all have roles and responsibilities with respect to wellness.

What are the Advantages of Health Programs?

  • Stress Relief
  • Professional and Personal Peak Performance
  • Illness Prevention and Recovery
  • Positive Quality of Life and Lifestyle Change

Examples and suggestions of corporate wellness & executive health programs will include an immersive agenda focused on "Creating a Culture of Health."  This is a customized solution that should include extensive pre-work and planning to evaluate your population's health status and needs.  

Ideally, these programs should be complemented with an extensive follow-up component to support - as well as reinforce - sustainable behavior change through the advice of experts, implementation of programs, and backed by scientific research.

In order to create this "Culture of Health" and drive peak performance throughout your organization, it is strongly advised that you connect with an experienced and specialized Corporate Wellness consultant.  By doing so, you will ensure that the best information, suggestions, and advice coordinate a seamless integration of evidence-based medicine with lifestyle/leadership experts.  

By consulting a specialized corporate wellness consultant, you will be confident that the programs you implement are specifically designed to address the personal - and organizational - aspects of your corporate health/wellness goals.

A high qualitative corporate & executive program has the ability to transform a routine medical checkup into a personalized health experience.  When a team of world-class physicians and lifestyle professionals are selected, they will offer a convenient and in-depth analysis; including screening, diagnostic testing, and a physical exam that provides expert insight into an executive's current medical, physical, and emotional health followed by a suggestive Plan of Action.

What are the Results?

Specialized executive health & corporate retreat programs empower a win-win situation - for both the company as well as the busy executive - by promoting healthy lifestyles (i.e. improving the quality of life) and expanding the possibilities for individual/professional achievement.

What Should be Provided?

Programs need to be developed and initiated in close collaboration with a team of multi-disciplined doctors and wellness practitioners. Ancient wisdom can be combined with modern technology, conventional medication integration, nutritional recommendations, and bio-identical hormone therapies.

Promoting healthy life styles and increasing the employee's quality of life (as therefore their productivity) will create the ultimate balance between personal and professional peak performance.

Example of Provided Services and Facilities:

  • Personal counseling of all the travel, treatment, and therapy advises
  • Facilitation and organization of all preferred/requested services
  • Executive Health Assessment(s)
  • Recommendation of therapies and treatments
  • Actual plan of action
  • After care and monitoring services

What else Should be Included?

Accommodation: Locations and destinations in a relaxing environment should be considered while undergo therapies/treatments.

Activities like:

  • Authentic Experiences
  • Cycling
  • Climbing
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Food and Wine Experiences
  • Golf
  • Heli-Hiking or Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Photography
  • Ranch Experience
  • Spa
  • Yoga

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Ria Duykers is the CEO/owner/founder of Wellness Travel Global.  Wellness Travel Global advises employers and professionals on issues regarding Medical & Wellness Tourism as well as effective Corporate Wellness Programs.

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