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Finding The Time On Business Trips

As an executive, salesman, or any other representative for that matter, you are probably frequently up in the air. Most of the time on work and the remainder of the time on vacation. Traveling between meetings in different cities across the US and Canada or simply driving between cities.

Most of us have the intention to keep fit and healthy; we feel that things tend to get in the way due to commitments or self-ambition. Speaking of ambition, we all have a balanced goal of investing our time in our health as well as our careers. Realistically, we get caught up in one and totally neglect the other.

Balancing your program isn't just your fitness, it's delegating what is manageable and what can really be done on a daily basis, upon exerting the least stress as possible. Saying you have ''no time'' could be something you'll say for the rest of your life. It's best to sit down at the table and figure out how we can work around the matter.

The Hotel Goer

For those who are up early, boarding the plane and commuting between hotel rooms, exercising at your home or condominium that morning is out of the question. Making sure that there is 30-45 minutes in the day ahead is important. Research if there is a gym or exercise room at the destination you're scheduled to check in.

If there are locations you visit frequently, plan your programs accordingly, as you know the equipment that is available at the other side. Before heading to the airport each morning, remembering to eat well and staying hydrated is essential, as traveling in the air can take a lot of people.

Hotel Gym

Design your 30-minute workouts properly for the hotel gym. Make sure that your warm up activates all muscle groups and flexors before training. Make sure that some bodyweight and free weight exercises are performed to improve overall functional strength. Test all fitness components by including what's needed within your minutes:

Warm Up

4-5 minutes -  Warm up by machine or light circuit routine


8-10 minutes - Test your cardio fitness in intervals. Test your HR to improve your fitness


10-15 minutes - Make sure to add bodyweight exercises to improve functional strength


4-5 minutes - Recover your muscles from your workout and improve your flexibility

No Gym, No Worries

Some of the best workouts are not completed with the use of a lot machines, or even free weight equipment for that matter. Fitness can be packed as light as your luggage. Within your small travel case, you can add some apparatus that will help you complete a full body workout when you arrive at your hotel room. Upon arriving, you can take advantage of what is available in your suite, as well as any surroundings, such as a courtyard or park.

Boarding The Plane

Theraband ( Avg Travel Weight - 7.05oz )

Therabands are the lightest and easiest to fit in your travel case. You can complete a full workout with a band. It can be tied around the upper and lower extremities of your legs to work all muscle groups of the lower half of the body from your core, hips, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

They are also very useful for mobility and rehabilitation exercises. They are also great for using in the hands for upper body stretching. Using external objects, you can tie the band to work your upper body muscle groups, where you can perform multiple repetitions.

Resistance bands are a great tool to take with you to workout away from home.

Resistance Band ( Avg Travel Weight - Light 2-4 lbs - Moderate 6-8 lbs )

Resistance bands carry out the same functions as the theraband. These bands offer a bit more grip with the addition of stitched handles. They also carry more weight. This is to work the bigger muscle groups with tougher repetitions.

A folding mat, like a yoga mat, is an essential to bring for any health conscious traveler

Fold Up Mat ( Avg Travel Weight - 2-4 lbs )

Fold Up Mats, such as Yoga Mats, can be used for various cardio and strength exercises. Predominantly used for abdominal drills, mats can be used to do bodyweight circuits that improve full functional health.

Agility Ladder ( Avg Travel Weight - 1 -2.5 lbs )

An agility ladder lets you get in a great leg and cardio workout from the privacy of your hotel room.

Agility Ladders are easy to pack and unfold. It is very useful for traveling as it gives a great amount of length for for the weight it carries. Once unraveled, the ladder is great for coordination & balance drills, as well as lower body exercises. Again, tying a theraband around your legs, can add more intensity to your workout with this piece of equipment.

Packing Your Car

If you are the executive that travels to and from Toronto, you can be setup for your fitness commute at all times, by only taking up a section of the boot.When packing your car with the equipment mentioned above, there is more freedom of adding some heavier apparatus than opposed to traveling airborne. You can add the following to get a better workout on the go:

  • Dumbbells
  • Slam Balls
  • Ropes
  • TRX

Pick Your Park

There are plenty of parks around to create a great circuit. It's also a great time to get out in the sun and do some recreational and social. Pick a place where you have plenty of space use all your apparatus to its best potential. Choose a venue where there is hills, so you can include sprints in your workout. If the park is big enough, you can perform long distance running too.

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