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Is work just getting you down? Are you drained and exhausted? How can you revitalise yourself?

"It's puzzling, isn't it?  With so much energy throughout nature, how can anyone possibly feel fatigued? Why is fatigue a daily experience for millions of people? Why for many of them is it the dominant experience of their lives?" Deepak Chopra, Boundless energy.Fatigue is a major issue for millions of people.  

The energy drink market is a multibillion dollar business. Coffee houses like Starbucks are everywhere.Have you ever felt exhausted, drained of energy, or your body just ached and you didn't know why? Sometimes people become fatigued for a few hours, sometimes for days and in cases of Chronic Fatigue, often for months and years. What might your fatigue be about?

The normal reasons people look for are, late nights, working too hard, depression, physical illness, interrupted sleep and too many demands on your energy from being a businessman/woman, a home-maker, a parent, a carer, etc. These are all possible reasons and should be addressed, and they may be symptoms, not causes. There are often invisible emotional topics that can drain your energy faster than anything:

  • Do you enjoy your job? Does thinking about it drain you or energise you?
  • Do you frequently feel negative emotions?
  • Do you experience indecision and internal conflict (part of you wants to do one thing while another part wants something else)?
  • Do you feel as if you are banging your head against a brick wall?
  • Are there negative people around you?
  • Are you a very sensitive person who is affected by negative energies around you?
  • Are you empathetic and feel obliged to give your energy away?
  • Is a chronic illness or its treatment leaving you feeling exhausted
  • Do you feel all 'over the place', just not like you?
  • Are you a therapist/teacher doing great work and finding your clients/students just drain you?

If you resonate with any of these, read on. People with fatigue already know that they have no energy and feel drained but they don't know how their own personal energy 'works'. Happily, simple techniques of energy hygiene can hugely increase energy and vitality, with just a few how to's.Here are a few concepts about energy that will aid your understanding of your own personal energy:

  • Science has shown that everything that exists, including your body, has an energy field and that your thinking affects your energy field.
  • People have been aware that that there is an energy system in the human body that profoundly effects mental, emotional, and physical health. Acupuncture and Tai Chi are two well studied systems that promote emotional and physical health by working with the body's energy system.
  • Everyone knows we are affected by other people's energy. You have experienced this many times. It's why you start to feel bad and drained when you are around negative people. It's why you get enthusiastic when you are among people who are enthusiastic. It's why you go to public events-sports, concerts, religious services, rallies - the energy of the group makes you feel more alive and excited.
  • Once you know how to clear your energy field, and how to use it well, you can enhance all aspects of your physical and mental health. Everyone can do it with a little practice.
  • These processes are very simple and you will be most successful if you have fun while learning them.

Note: fatigue may be a sign of physical problems that it is important for you to address. Always consult medical professionals for prolonged fatigue. It is also important to look at the possibility that your fatigue and physical symptoms have energetic causes.

Here are a number of ways to easily recover your energy, vitality and health. Give them a try and see what you can achieve for yourself. With just a little practice you will be able to increase your energy and let go of fatigue.

Connect to the energy field of the earth

The earth has a massive energy field, and all life on earth evolved to work with those energies. With modern living we are often running so many thoughts simultaneously that we can feel frantic activity in or just above our heads. We literally disconnect from our bodies and the earth.

Good athletes, dancers, racing car drivers, martial artists, gymnasts, and people who ride horses, know how to create being fully connected to the earth. People refer to this as being 'grounded' or 'centred'. You will recognise the feeling of being solidly in your body as compared with being 'not really here'. For you to think clearly, be creative and at your best it is essential that you feel 'grounded'.

Clearing your energy field

Everyone has noticed that at times, it  doesn't feel good to be around certain people. They unload a bucketful of woes and their emotional energy on you dampening your enthusiasm and making you feel tired. You may even start feeling their emotions, as if they were really your own.  

And then there are co-workers, family, and the media, who trigger intense stored emotions in you, flooding you with anger, guilt, discouragement or frustration.  All of this can 'blow your fuses' leaving you feeling empty, tired, and unclear. It confuses your own decision making and sucks the joy out of life.

You probably can't imagine not brushing your teeth or washing yourself on a daily basis. However, exactly like your physical body, your energy system gets clogged and grubby, needing to be cleared at least once a day.  If you take just a minute or two, to clear your energy when you first wake up, you will feel energised and ready to start the day, without reaching for those cups of coffee.  

Clearing before you go to sleep will make it easier to fall asleep and increase the amount of deep sleep and rejuvenation you receive.  There is a simple process at the end of this article that will guide you through clearing your energy field.

Retrieving your energy

People leave bits of their energy in the places and people they interact with. We also absorb bits of other people's energy. You no doubt recognise the feeling of being 'all over the place', having left your energy in other places or with other people. It often also leaves you feeling drained.

If you are feeling sluggish or tired, realise you need your energy in the present, here and now. So try the process at the end of this article to recover your energy from wherever you have scattered it. Also use this whenever you have cleared your energy to ensure you have access to all of your energy.

How do you take on less energy from others?

Clearing energy is a first step but it would be great if you could avoid taking it on in the first place. Just think of a recent meeting you were in. Replay what happened and notice how people in that meeting were affected by the mood and energy of others. People tend to absorb energy from one another; especially when they are emotional. You can communicate with people without having to absorb and take on their energy.  

This is even more important if you are working in a 'tough' environment, such as the emergency services, care workers etc, where you want to be at your best to serve others, whilst not taking in their emotions.There are 2 perspectives on this. The key is firstly to be able to maintain boundaries and the integrity of your energy field without having to resort to a wall between you and them.  

Image having a rose between you and the other person or the environment you are reacting to, e.g. the media, chemicals, electromagnetic energy.  The rose catches the energy and grounds it to the centre of the earth, so there is no energy transfer to you.

Alternatively you can view being impacted by other people's energy as an opportunity, a present, to clear something in your energy that needs addressing. So all you need to do is to run your own clearing process when interacting with others.

Having a job that you love

And lastly find a job or part of your current job that you really love. Having a job you hate drains your energy on a daily basis. Working in a role you really enjoy will energise you and if that is not possible at least find parts of your job that give you that essential energy.

Here are 3 short energy processes, for you to try out for yourself. Practice them a few times so that you can just activate them, in seconds without using the directions and notice your experience and that of others. At the beginning of any energy process sit comfortably and quietly with your feet flat on the floor, arms and legs uncrossed to maximise your energy flow.  

Then take 2-3 deep breaths and allow your muscles to relax. If, during the process you hear, feel or see things shifting, this is great. If you don't just imagine, it will be happening anyway. At the end dissolve any images and send them into the earth for recycling into positive energy, or use any other metaphor you like to eliminate these. Then be aware of the sensations in your body. Notice how you feel.

Clearing your energy

  • Be aware of the sensations in your body
  • Imagine a waste bin or trash can, like the one on your computer screen that just attracts energies that are not yours, old emotions, limiting beliefs, pictures and old programming out of your energy field
  • Imagine you can just press the delete button and that the contents just disappear into the ground in an instance with that strange delete noise computers make.  So you now have a completely empty trash can, ready for the next time you want to let go of anything.
  • You don't need to know consciously what is being released. It is a bit like watching a movie; you don't need to be directing it. You can trust your unconscious mind and spirit to choose the right energies to release.
  • Now if you feel blocked at all just imagine those blocks appear to you as children's bricks and start tossing them in the trash can too and deleting them.
  • When you feel you have finished for the moment, imagine a shower of sunshine flowing down from above you, washing through your energy field, your whole body and any excess flowing down into the earth.


  • Imagine yourself as a tree. Your roots go deep, deep into the ground.
  • Nutrients are flowing into you from the earth through some of these roots
  • At the same time the earth is using other roots to gently pull out of you energies that you have collected that are not yours. You can also let go of all those busy thoughts down into the ground and see how much calmer you feel, when 'grounded'.
  • You can ground the whole room too. When you are in a meeting you can think of the whole room being filled with lovely sunshine or golden energy and that the room has roots from the floor into the centre of the earth.
  • Notice what that feels like in the room now, and how people are more energized and collaborative when the room is grounded.

Retrieving your energy

  • Close your eyes and imagine a golden ball of energy above your head, mix with it some amethyst energy and in times of great stress just pretend you can add some miracle energy too.
  • Pay attention to the golden ball and allow the ball to retrieve your energy from wherever you may have scattered it in different places and with different people.
  • Just imagine the ball is retrieving your energy, you don't need any more conscious thought about what or how it is happening.
  • When you feel you have finished, imagine the golden ball cleaning up your energy, charging it up and beaming only your real energy back into your body to revitalize you; allowing anyone else's to just go down into the ground.

It's our sincere hope you'll find something to smile about in the energy-managing approach and never underestimate the healing power of humour, the funnier you find things, the faster your progress will be. Please let us know how you benefit from using these processes. We wish you ever increasing energy levels. Longer processes are available from one of our CDs, teleworkshops, web-site and trainings.

About The Author

Olive Hickmott is a health, wellness and energy coach, based in the UK, who has worked closely with Art Giser, creator of Energetic NLP, to make simple energetic processes available to everyone. Olive's work, focused on people with acute and chronic health conditions and/or learning difficulties has lead her to found the Institute of Health and Learning, to create a world where people are empowered to create their own wellbeing.  

She is the architect of the New Perspectives series of books and CDs.  For more information go to and and Olive can be contacted on

Art Giser is the creator of Energetic NLP. An NLP trainer since 1985, he was awed at how people could transform their lives using transformative energy work, intuition development and spiritual development. He then began to explore combining these different areas in order to create something that was more powerful than any one system alone.

Over 25 years, Art has continued to develop Energetic NLP into the wonderful field it is today. He has studied with all the developers of NLP and incredible energy practitioners who taught from Western, Indian, Philippine and Brazilian traditions. He is based in San Francisco, California and regularly travels worldwide delivering worldwide training events.  (

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