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Energy without Unease: Personal Wellness and Professional Productivity

Professional productivity is not sustainable without a commitment to personal wellness. Attempts to promote the former while ignoring the latter only make the first goal improbable and the second subject impossible. Or: When searching for a way to increase alertness and energy, it is essential to find a supplement that is safe, effective and the result of the strictest quality control standards.

For there is nothing wrong with boosting alertness and creativity, though there is something definitely awry with items that purport to deliver - that promise to provide - benefits that are too extraordinary to believe and too outlandish to accept. Does that mean no supplement is available to increase energy, free of the anxiety or unease that is a common side effect of such a product?

On the contrary, there is such a supplement (more about below); and there is a broader point, too, about this discussion which is this: Due diligence is the essence of health and wellness; it is the method by which we read the ingredients before we try, taste or buy anything; it is the ingredient to safeguarding our own vigor and vitality.

Consider the example of Alpha Levo Energize, an herbal supplement that improves - and maintains - energy without the inevitable crash from coffee or other caffeinated products. I cite this item because, though I have no association with the brand or manufacturer, the supplement nonetheless represents a series of ideas I support and a set of ideals I want to convey.

Chief among these principles is the acknowledgment that quantity need not come at the expense of quality. That is, a health or wellness product can have mass and class appeal. There need not be a conflict between the two - there is no tension between the two - when consumers get what they want.

That rule extends to fighting fatigue, because an energy supplement is not just about giving a boost to those with already substantial reserves of creativity and excitement. In fact, the great threat to personal productivity - and thus, the major challenge to workplace efficiency - is from that feeling of malaise or tiredness that can slow even the most industrious of employees.

It is that fatigue, which coffee or energy drinks may temporarily abate, that requires something better than a diuretic or an artificially flavored beverage with an excess amount of chemicals, calories, additives and preservatives.

The right supplement also supplements knowledge, so to speak.It is the manifestation of research and development - and reviews and product descriptions - where a company has a pledge to deliver, and consumers have an interest in sharing, the essential data about, say, a supplement that enhances energy.

The advantages will accrue to employers and employees alike. The benefits will unite personal health with professional wellness. Together, these rewards will energize workers to be more productive. With the facts at their disposal, and vigilance about the supplements they consume, these men and women can be - they will be - models of strength and success.

About the Author

Lewis Fein is a writer and a health care advocate, as well as a volunteer for patients battling various autoimmune diseases. Based in Southern California, he can be reached at

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