Employees Are What They Eat - The Importance of Integrating Nutrition in Corporate Wellness

Amanda Carlson-Phillips
January 29, 2014

For many years, corporate wellness programs focused almost entirely on movement programming, ranging from on-site fitness centers to group classes to online modules around general fitness. All of these options deliver significant value to the employee, but for too many years, optimal nutrition integration has been a missing part of the puzzle. Here we have outlined five reasons why employees are what they eat, and why on-site nutrition programming should be top of mind for employers in evaluating wellness solutions.

Now that we’ve addressed the importance of nutrition in wellness programming, I’ve outlined a few key considerations for employers when considering nutrition programs at their corporation:

Whether your employees are unloading pallets every day, manning a service center, or traveling non-stop, nutrition has the ability to transform their lives, increasing energy levels, improving performance, and advancing their health state. To date, most employee nutrition programs have been stand-alone online modules or education seminars without the personalization, ongoing support, and integration necessary to make them a sustainable success. To create impactful nutrition programming, it’s imperative that companies consider integrating nutrition education and support with fitness, maximizing each individual’s ability to make sustainable changes to their overall health.

About the Author

Amanda Carlson-Phillips is the Vice President of Nutrition and Research at Core Performance.  Core Performance combines innovation, coaching, and technology to deliver unmatched, sustainable results for employees and companies alike.  Amanda has designed leading-edge nutrition protocols for wellness programming at Intel and C&S.  To learn more about Core Performance, please visit www.coreperformance.com/corporate-wellness.