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Effectively Fighting Back Against Cancer

Effectively Fighting Back Against Cancer

It goes without saying that cancer is a ruthless enemy that has affected each of us in one way or another. As the sharpest minds in the medical industry continue working towards finding a cure, we at Benefits Live Magazine have taken it upon ourselves to do our part.

Cancer is the theme of our June issue, and many of the articles in this month's issue are geared towards raising awareness of, and providing proactive ways to fight back against, the disease that kills about half of those whom it afflicts. In this month's issue, employee benefits consultant Charlie Brooks tells an emotional first-hand account of how having cancer insurance allowed him to deal with the financial ramifications of his 14-year-old son's battle with terminal cancer.

Johnette van Eeden and Steven Beumer stress the importance of regular cancer screenings, doctors Joseph Casey and Z. Ena Segota detail how disease-specific clinics are providing a more effective and financially efficient one-stop-shop model of cancer treatment for patients who would otherwise receive inferior treatment from a variety of different clinics. And Debbi MacArthur of FACTS Fitness provides a plethora of fitness and dietary options that can help you reduce your odds of being diagnosed.

We've tried to provide a compilation of articles that address a multitude of the different factors encompassed by cancer. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that there is no panacea to battling cancer. The complexity and aggressiveness of the disease requires us to be equally vigilant in taking preventive measures and seeking out the earliest detection as we possibly can.

Thus, implementing a series of forward-thinking initiatives is the best way to both ward off and fight back against the realities presented by cancer. The best way to deal with cancer or the potential of cancer is to focus on living a healthy lifestyle and doing everything in your power to prevent it; a healthy diet and regular exercise are investments in your personal well-being that can immeasurably improve your chances of staying healthy.

If you become one of the millions of Americans diagnosed with cancer, having a quality health insurance plan with comprehensive cancer coverage will be invaluable in helping you deal with the mounting financial burden that accompanies the disease.

As you will learn in Mr. Brooks' article (some of you, undoubtedly, know people who have gone through similar ordeals), cancer doesn't set a minimum age limit for its targets. Ignoring the lingering omnipresence of cancer's disastrous potential now only puts you at a disadvantage when the disease sets its sights on you or your loved ones.

So do yourself a favor. Instead of getting caught on your heels, unprepared when you or someone in your family is diagnosed, take the initiative and go on the offensive. Limit your vulnerability by educating yourself and your employees about the steps they can take to fend off this relentless killer; implement and utilize the services and life choices that can assist in doing so.

Most of us mistakenly believe that the battle with cancer commences upon diagnosis; this could not be further from the truth. The time to start battling cancer is now. People who make an effort to regularly incorporate healthy living habits into their daily lives preemptively give themselves a better chance of emerging victorious.

Purchasing a comprehensive insurance plan allows us to fight back and fend off cancer beyond our financial limits. As you read this month's issue, ask yourself whether you're doing everything in your power to combat this subtle assassin.

If we sit back and wait for our opponent to formally announce its presence, it may already be too late. But just as we can never be out of cancer's lethal reach, nor are we powerless to repel its advances.

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