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A Day in the Life of A Wellness Director

Recently, we sat down with Robin Parsons who was the Director of Wellness for Fulton County, GA, which includes most of Atlanta. She shared the amazing story of her journey to become a wellness director, the career that she loves. Robin was always a health enthusiast, instilled in her by her parents as a child.

They always encouraged her to get out and move even without using the words "wellness". Robin took her love for fitness and nutrition and turned it into a career. She received a coaching designation, as well as a sports/fitness certification that allowed her to influence the business to consumer market.

She then took the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist course and that helped transform her love for health and working with others into a career. She started working in churches and schools but transitioned her role into a Wellness Director where she was able to run a 5,000 person wellness plan for her company.

She learned how to engage with the population, run wellness challenges, encourage smokers to quit, teach healthy eating choices and much more that was able to not only impacted her employees but was their families as well. She instituted a health and fitness day for the families of her organization with an amazing turn out.

There, employees had their health stats taken, with tests like blood pressure and body mass index; and hosted educational activities eat this not that contests and other fun activities. She worked with her wellness provider and carrier to create an environment that was safe, fun and ultimately invested in the employees personally.

We hear this all the time. Our participants take our certification program and immediately implement changes in their programs that affect not only their employees but their families too. It is amazing to hear how our Wellness Directors and Providers change people's lives - one person at a time.

Watch the full interview above and learn how a CCWS designation can change your life too!

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