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Corporate Wellness Conference in Los Angeles a Huge Success

The first annual national employer Corporate Wellness Conference in Los Angeles, October 27-28th, was a huge success and showcased great attendance in its first year with over 300 attendees, 50 speakers and 20 exhibitors and sponsors. According to the conference had amazing speakers from both the private and public sectors and featured attendees from employers, insurance companies, health insurance agencies, consulting firms, the US government and corporate wellness companies.

Susan Hannegan, Health Management Program Manager for Jack in the Box and the Conference Chairwoman said that, "The Corporate Wellness Conference was a great opportunity to bring people with a common goal together for thought provoking dialog and to share innovative approaches to improving employee health. Partnerships and alliances were made that will further our mission of wellness for all. We all walked away with a stronger sense that corporate wellness is achievable." Susan moderated sessions on the second day of the conference and heard firsthand what all speakers presented on.

The panel sessions highlighted the many discussion points surrounding wellness in its current state. Topics ranged from 'Health and Wellness 101' to - How to Incorporate a Total Health Management Program.' Many representatives from the private and public sectors were present to share their wealth of information on how they think the state of our nation's healthcare can be improved and how they have been working to get there.

"The Corporate Health and Wellness Conference provided a great networking opportunity to meet with other corporations who are facing many of the same challenges we are. The sessions were very informative providing information, best practices and resources which we can utilize," said Kerry Cowart, Corporate Regional Dietician for Compass Group, USA. Elysa Jacobs, Manager, Health Improvement Programs for Pitney Bowes stated that, "The Corporate Wellness Conference was a great opportunity for me to network and benchmark with professionals in private corporation, government and with potential vendors."

The 2nd annual National Corporate Wellness Conference will take place September 20th-22nd, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza hotel in Los Angeles, California and is expected to have up to 600 attendees and up to 50 exhibitors and sponsors. The Corporate Wellness Conference is the official conference of the Corporate Wellness Magazine and the Health and Wellness Association.

The Corporate Wellness Magazine, , was created as the main source of information employers, consultants and health insurance agents can learn about corporate wellness and to provide a central point of communication for an emerging multi-billion dollar industry that is extremely underserved and does not get the attention it deserves.

Hundreds of companies provide either insurance products or vendor services and solutions in this corporate wellness industry and yet there is not a single dedicated magazine or conference for this industry. Even to this day, employers and agents do not know where to look for quality corporate wellness providers, vendors who provide unique solutions or where to find the best corporate wellness plans.

The Corporate Health and Wellness Association, , is the first national non-profit association focused on health, wellness, prevention and disease management for employers, employees and their families. Their goal is to promote health and wellness in the workplace and to foster an atmosphere of education and engagement with health and wellness programs in the workplace.

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Jonathan Edelheit has been involved in Health Insurance and Voluntary Benefits for over ten years. His background includes running a national healthcare administrator, designing insurance products for employers and insurance companies and working with thousands of health insurance agents and consultants around the country. Mr. Edelheit is considered an expert in voluntary benefits, worksite and Healthcare and is co-editor of several healthcare magazines.

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