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Corporate Wellness Conference Agenda and Participant List Announced

This year we have worked extremely hard to totally redesign this years Corporate Wellness Conference and Employer Healthcare Congress.  We stripped everything down to the shell, and gave it a complete upgrade from speakers and agenda topics, to new networking software, and excitingly, to a new city.

We are going to Chicago, in a true convention center, and everyone is ecstatic for the conference to move to Chicagoland and to be centrally located in the United States. The results have been amazing for us.  The industry has seen the changes and spoken.  

Our attendance is up 93% compared to last year around this same time, and it keeps growing day by day.  To View the 2011 List of Attendees, visit the conference website,  Part of that, I believe, is our investment in bringing in some of the brightest and best keynotes possible.  

This is an area where we focused heavily and tried to get innovative keynotes that are well known experts. We searched for those who not only inspire, but provide key insight we all need to stay motivated and to succeed in our business, passions and personal lives.

All of our Keynote speakers are outstanding, but I believe my favorite would have to be John Casey, Director of International Benefits for Google with his topic, Creating the Healthiest Employee in the World.  Google is at the cutting edge of innovation and everything they do is usually inspiring and successful.

I can't wait to see how they are changing the curve and making their employees healthier, more productive and lowering their costs. I am very passionate about the power of social media. It is a very important topic for me to bring to the forefront for our attendees.  Most of us know social media but don't really understand it or know how to use it effectively.

Social Media is being used for everything today; even enrolling and educating employees for benefits programs. I diligently searched and was able to get Mitch Joel, who (the top rated social media website out there), rated Mitch as one of the top social media experts in the world and his book, Six Pixels of Separation was rated one of the top 5 social media books to read.  

As most companies in US healthcare and benefits initiate their plans in social media, this will be an eye opening and critical session. Our outside the box keynote speaker this year is Bill Rancic, Season 1 Winner of Donald Trump's The Apprentice.  Bill competed on national television and is a true entrepreneur.  

We have brought Bill in specifically to discuss the challenges we are facing in the healthcare and insurance industry today and he will be teaching us the importance of becoming "adaptable."  

Adaptability is critical for all of us to survive, and I couldn't imagine a more important topic for us to be addressing, especially in the face of all the changes and obstacles our industries are facing with PPACA and the economy.

This year we are also adding in Global Benefits and have some of the largest multinational employers and insurance companies presenting on the growing trend of international benefits and providing case studies to attendees.

We have put a lot of effort into our Employer VIP program and even upgraded it to include agents and Third Party Administrators. There have been so many requests for VIP Passes, sometimes it can be difficult to manage!  

Attendees will see a major difference in the number of employers, agents and TPA's coming this year that qualified for our complementary passes and other benefits. I really want to thank everyone who has made our magazines and the conference so successful.

More importantly you have helped us accomplish in just three years, what many of our competitors who have been around for 20 years, have been unable to surpass. With your support, you have made us the biggest benefits conference in the country for employers, agents, TPA's and insurers.

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Joanthan Edelheit President Employer Healthcare Congress

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