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Corporate Wellness and Community: WeRoomies and Better Workplace Morale and Productivity

Few things are more stressful for workers than moving. Relocating to a new city, or a city that is new to this man or that woman, is often an emotional challenge and a financial difficulty; forcing a person to find housing - to find affordable housing - while also trying to navigate his or her way around, say, New York or Seattle or Los Angeles or San Francisco.

The process can exhaust even the most resilient individual, which can have a negative effect on workplace morale and productivity. Psychological pain, then, translates into physical discomfort, compromising an employee's health and undermining the campaign on behalf of corporate wellness. Companies need to take a more active role in this situation because no business can succeed - no business can sustain its success - without a happy and healthy workforce.

The best way, then, to improve this matter is by finding the right resource to make this transition as smooth possible. Specifically, that requires a new approach to residential living; rather, it involves a new approach to a way of life as popular as it is personal, in the sense that living with someone - living with a roommate - should be cause for celebration, not consternation.

The problem is, however, one of accuracy and reliability. The conventional method of listing a room for rent tells no one, neither the landlord nor the potential tenant, anything about one another. Without any information to read, without any reviews or ratings to see, without any way to chat or correspond, never mind meet, without any of these things, both parties are blind to the risks concerning renting or sharing space with a stranger.

That someone is aware of these facts is a good thing.According to Steven Yos, Founder of WeRoomies: "If employers want to better ensure a workplace where morale is strong and productivity is high, they should do everything they can to make the relocation process easier and better in general. That means they should empower employees with a solution that saves them money and pairs them with roommates who best match their interests and needs. WeRoomies honors that demand, thanks to our emphasis on transparency, communication, networking and the freedom for people to connect with one another."

This resource eliminates the stress and uncertainty individuals face when moving to a new city. With the right apartment or house - along with the chance to live with people who may also be potential friends and/or tour guides of their respective cities - WeRoomies helps employers and employees alike.

In turn, that advantage establishes a bond of trust in which companies build a workforce based on camaraderie and loyalty."I second these points, as I know from my own experience about how hard it can be to move from one coast to the other; uprooting a lifestyle and severing ties, not by choice but because of circumstances, where you feel like a stranger in a strange land. If technology can lessen this burden for employers and employees alike, that is a win for corporate wellness and worker satisfaction.

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