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Corporate Wellness a Myth or Accepted Practice?

In the past not everyone took Corporate Wellness seriously.  While for many of us, this is not just a passion, but a way of life and a commitment in the workplace, others have not felt the same way.  Many employers and insurance agents felt Corporate Wellness was just smoke and mirrors. Something that sounded good but was impossible to measure or impossible to achieve.  

They took the belief, people are human and they will do what they want, eat what they want and live their life the way they want. We are starting to see many of these previous skeptics starting to change their views. They have seen many employers implement wellness programs, and have read about the results.  

But what is really changing their minds is they are at their wit's end. Healthcare costs are soaring through the roof, and nothing is stopping it. They see healthcare reform coming down the road, and they realize that the government isn't helping them either, and that they are the one's that need to take action. With benefit offerings now being limited under healthcare reform, there isn't a lot of maneuverability that employers have.

So, we are starting to see these skeptics raising the heads, looking around and checking out this interesting thing called "wellness." In the next couple years "wellness" will become a household name. Simply because people are changing their minds and realizing that focusing and engaging in healthy behavior may be the last shot we have at affordable healthcare premiums and keeping our society healthy.

About the Author

Jonathan Edelheit is Editor-In-Chief of the Corporate Wellness Magazine, the only Corporate Wellness Magazine in the industry focused on Health and Wellness in the workplace.  Mr. Edelheit has been involved in US healthcare for almost ten years and ran a national healthcare administrator for almost seven years that administered healthcare plans for insurance companies, employers and governments.

While running the healthcare administrator Mr. Edelheit started to implement the first corporate wellness programs there through many tools such as health risk assessments, tele-medicine, e-health and many more options. Mr. Edelheit has been featured or mentioned in hundreds of media publications and in February 2008 was featured as a visionary in US healthcare by Executive Managed Healthcare Magazine.  

Mr. Edelheit is also an Editor and Assistant Editor of three  other major US and international healthcare magazines. Mr. Edelheit organizes the Employer Healthcare Congress, one of the largest US healthcare conferences each year along with the Corporate Wellness Conference which is the only dedicated national conference on corporate health and wellness in the country and which targets employers, health insurance agents and large consulting firms. Mr. Edelheit is also an attorney.Jonathan Edelheit may be contacted at

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