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How to Unify Your Company Culture


North Carolina-based Novaret has a simple goal, to make the values of your company an actual part of your company culture. By moving your values "out of the handbook," Novaret wants to help employers unify their culture and ultimately make it part of their competitive advantage. Novaret's online platform will help any company struggling to define their culture to large companies who just want to bring their employees closer together through shared understanding.

Having a workplace culture that everyone embraces creates more than a happy office, it creates common purpose. A unified culture positively affects key performance indicators like overall business performance, employee loyalty and turnover, and customer satisfaction. To help employers put to words what they want their company values to be - and ultimately help communicate them to their employees - Novaret utilizes what they call their Ethics Engine.

Based on the Four Aristotelian Cardinal Virtues (Temperance, Fortitude, Justice and Prudence) that govern all other moral virtues, Novaret makes communication of these ideas easier by systemizing these ideas. This "vocabulary of ethics" allows precise explanation to clarify and articulate core values. Novaret online platform has three interactive aspects that seek to drive the culture further into your organization.

Dilemmas occur every week, and pose thought-provoking theoretical questions to gauge an organization's understanding of their values and prompt debate. Users can see how their answer compares to their peers, the organization as a whole and allows for productive and anonymous debate. Kudos allows anyone to recognize their coworkers publically for putting the organization's values into action.

Finally, the third interactive aspect is the social platform "Contributions" that allows users to post pictures, videos or other resources in an engaging way. Like the Kudos, each Contribution requires users to attach a value to a post, helping employees understand company values in action. Ensuring that all of your employees are all moving in the same direction is essential to good management.

While every individual has different values and beliefs, that does not mean these various attitudes cannot be brought together to create an organization where the sum is greater than the whole of its parts. Tools like Novaret helps employers accomplish exactly that. As CEO Fulton Breen said, "Novaret will not create a culture out of thin air. However, if you have passionate people seeking connections with each other, who want to learn more about values they believe in, it will bring out the best in them and your company."

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