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Having a job is a great way to combat financial stresses and keep your life afloat. But going to the office every day for 8 hours at a time can add unexpected stress to your life. A benefit and curse of having an office job can also be the people you work with, shocking we know. This diverse group of personality types combined with office politics can be a recipe for tension.

Whether you are experiencing physical, mental, or emotional stress at the office, here are a few things you can do to keep these emotions at bay and keep cool in the office. One way to combat all of these stressors is meditation. Meditation can regulate your breathing, lower your heart rate, and calm your mind. It is the foundation of personal wellness, which is, in turn, the basis of corporate wellness.

Japa Meditation

Japa meditation is a way to take a quick meditation break and transform your mood and your day as you release the stressors. Japa is the Sanskrit word for "to mutter." Japa meditation is a chant or mantra meditation. Don't worry; if you are at the office, the mantra can be silent.

To calm the mind and body through Japa meditation, you will need a mantra. Your mantra can be the famous "Om" or whatever best represents what you are trying to achieve. Then, you will need some japa mala beads which are strings of 108 beads used for counting your mantra.

As you silently chant, hold the beads in your right hand and use your thumb to count and pull the string forward with each count. When you reach the end of the beads you will have finished 108 mantras.

Breathing Meditation

Another form of meditation is breathing meditation or pranayama. Prana is the universal life force in ancient yoga. We get prana from many things in life from healthy food like vegetables to feeling happy. The main source of Prana is our breath. Pranayama is the practice of controlling your breath. There are many different pranayama poses and breathing techniques.

The simplest way to get started with pranayama is focusing on your natural breath. Breathe in while being aware of your thoughts. Breathe out and notice your thinking. Give yourself permission to release your attachment to these thoughts as you welcome in a state of calm.

Change Your Mindset

These meditation techniques can turn around your physical, mental and emotional workday stress. If you don't have time for meditation, just taking a few deep breaths can make a difference in how you feel. You can also use techniques to change your mindset by re-framing the situation as if you were watching it in a movie or asking yourself what is the worst that can happen. Usually, the worst that can happen isn't that bad and actually isn't going to happen.

Stretch and Breathe

Stress can affect you physically too. Your heart rate speeds up, your neck or other muscles tighten up, and your breathing becomes shallower. Take a moment to stretch or move and let the tightness lift from your body. You can also take slow deep breaths to regulate your breathing and your heart rate.

Find a Way to Embrace Nature

If you have time for a break, changing your environment by going outside or even a quick walk around the parking lot can make you feel better. If you have your own office space, you can make your environment more soothing by adding a plant or succulent, or even a nature poster. The most important thing is to have some quick go-to methods for conquering stress so that it doesn't conquer you.  

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