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Benefits Go Live in 2012

In the spirit of New Year Resolutions, I have set the bar high for 2012.

It was a fascinating year, as we shed light on the challenges and trends in Employee Benefits, examined the evolution of Healthcare Reform and provided insight into the most cutting edge and relevant issues. Our readers have given us insight and ideas on how to improve our magazine and it's content into the new year and we have been working towards those improvements to keep you the reader, at the forefront of what's going on in the industry.

The final outcome, released in this and future issues as we rollout the new vision for our magazine in 2012, is a publication designed to provide readers with extended content and greater accessibility. What this means for our readers is that we will be publishing almost 50% more online articles each month that focus on the readers specific interest.

If you wish to read articles within the employee benefits industry, but outside your specific niche, articles from our other magazines will be available for viewing.With much excitement, I am proud to announce that we have officially launched Benefits Live, the new version of our PDF flip through magazine.

Benefits Live will be the new version of our PDF Flip- through Magazine and compiled of all four of our monthly magazines; Corporate Wellness Magazine, Voluntary Benefits Magazine, Self Funding Magazine and National Healthcare Reform Magazine. In the updated online digital reader, all headlines are clickable in the Table of Contents, providing you instant access to your desired article and content.

The launch of Benefits Live was implemented so that our readers don't have to physically make a change, they can simply enjoy the New Edition. The design brings readers a wide variety of topics within the employee benefits industry, and at the same time enjoy expanded content on one of our specific magazine websites.

Continue to read your magazine each month on the website and you will automatically have Benefits Live available at your fingertips. Your desired magazine will be the first section to appear and you will be privy to all the new, additional content located within Benefits Live. The new edition streamlines the Employer Healthcare industry in an entire publication to encompass everything you need to know for your business, instantly.

New Year Resolutions: Bring readers greater content in niche industries.

Our articles submissions from experts and leaders in the industry increased rapidly in 2011. With such beneficial content, it was time to expand and incorporate additional submissions each month. In Benefits Live, you will find multiple articles for your niche industry. We went ahead with our team mentality, "Go Big or Go Home" and now you can read more articles in the downloadable PDF for new content.

Adding articles in the PDF is just one of many ways we have expanded our features. This is our way to include diverse content and introspective points of view for our readers. We know you rely on the knowledge from our articles and the more we can include for your benefit, the more valuable our publication will be. Bring simplicity to the way you gather your benefits news.

Benefits Live is upgrading in a big way. The readable version is available to read on the Ipad, Iphone, Android, and other tablets for readers to easily access their benefits news while they travel for business, make their morning commute, or catch up during free time.

Engage an entire industry.

The objective of Benefits Live was to introduce all of our readers to the expert articles and content of other crucial facets within the industry. Colleagues in the Employee Benefits industry are working for a single purpose. Whichever niche space our professionals are operating, everyone has a united goal.

This notion is what inspired Benefits Live, one publication incorporating all of the valuable knowledge that continues to empower and grow the industry.

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