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Authenticity: The Path to Health and Wellness

The path to health and wellness requires authenticity. It demands a commitment - by executives and entrepreneurs alike - to developing products that advance nutrition and energy. For corporate wellness is impossible without personal wellness: The latter begets the former by having a workforce that is dynamic - and determined - to do its job with a sense of camaraderie and collaboration.

To achieve that goal is to supplement the means to that end, which is to say, supplements - the protein powders and rejuvenating elixirs that contain essential vitamins and minerals, among many other things - offer a convenient way to enhance strength and productivity. The challenge involves finding the right supplements.

The responsibility rests with employees who can easily find, and the duty belongs to a company that purposefully makes it easy for consumers to buy, supplements that feature the best ingredients and include the most detailed information about their respective products.

The opportunity belongs, in other words, to Opportuniteas, a provider of high-quality supplements with an emphasis on social goodness, affordability, excellent customer service, transparency, and authenticity. I cite this company because of its reference to that final point, which is, in fact, its first - and most important - value: The genuineness that a brand possesses.

I highlight this business, not for my own gain or enrichment. On the contrary, I mention this brand because of my own research - because of my own due diligence - and I believe - indeed, I know - the only way for a company to promote wellness is to be an example of the same.

This task is a subject of communication as much as it is a sign of engagement, that a brand respects its consumers; that a brand cherishes its customers; that a brand covets integrity over fame; that a brand commands loyalty rather than blind obeisance; that a brand will do what is necessary - it will not flinch from what is critical - to earning the trust of the public.

For the more obvious these things are, and they should be as clear as a cloudless sky, the more likely people will embrace health and wellness.That is the power of authenticity. It can inspire men and women to change their lives for the better. It can motivate them to pursue a more active lifestyle. It can be the catalyst for lasting change.

Before these things can happen, however, a company must educate consumers about these issues. This undertaking involves far more than issuing a press release or posting an announcement on social media. It proves that a company's actions match its words; that its deeds match its declaration of principles; that its duties to do right match its promise to be on the side of right.

Authenticity is, in short, a form of accountability. It is a method for a company to maintain its discipline. It is also an outlet for consumers to ensure a company is accountable for its words and actions. From there, health and wellness can thrive.From there, we can be - and feel - better.

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Lewis Fein is a writer and speaker, whose interests include health care, technology, nutrition, fitness and personal wellness. You may contact him at

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