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Powerful Women in Wellness: Arianna Huffington

Sleep is a necessity for every individual. But not everyone gets the sleep they need. Sometimes we find ourselves unable to sleep, or unable to stay asleep and it affects us in different ways throughout the day. Sleep is essential to our productivity during the day; it is a pillar of a healthy lifestyle and allows our bodies to regenerate to feel refreshed the next day.

Unfortunately in modern times, sleep has not received the attention it deserves. It does not feature in our calculations when we measure productivity and effectiveness in the workplace. But this is about to change.

Arianna Huffington, president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, discovered how by getting more sleep, she would become more productive and successful. According to People Magazine, Ms. Huffington shared her wake-up call about a day in 2007 when she was working, making a phone call, and collapsed from exhaustion. Her 18-hour work days took their toll and Ms. Huffington's daughter found her mother lying in a pool of blood after hitting her head; she suffered a broken cheekbone and cut eyelid.

Fast forward eight years later and Ms. Huffington has embarked on a revolution to change the way people, in particular those within the workforce, view and get sleep. Her latest book, The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night at a Time, reveals her number one ingredient to her success-sleep-and credits being well-rested as a way to be more creative, too.

Ms. Huffington explains in detail the history of sleep and its importance in our lives, citing the impact nourishing rest has on the body, and subsequent effects on relationships, work-life balance and health. Scientifically-researched, the book aims to improve well-being for all.

Sleep is power, and the fuel to draw from to live well.

Arianna Huffington will speak at the 2016 Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress and the National Sleep Foundation's First Annual Sleep Works Summit at the EHBC, September 25-28, 2016 in Washington D.C. discussing how sleep truly is power.

The editors of Corporate Wellness Magazine would like to honor Ms. Huffington as a Powerful Woman in Wellness for recognizing and caring for the world's culture not just by providing powerful information on The Huffington Post but truly understanding what it means to be well.

Studies show a lack of sleep create lives haunted by exhaustion and primed for injury-as Ms. Huffington can attest. Sleep is not a commodity, it is a necessity. The Powerful Women in Wellness Award is given to exemplary women in the field of wellness who excel in business, family, philanthropy and the wellness field.

Ms. Huffington will be addressing a diverse international crowd of upwards of 3,000 healthcare and benefits professionals during her Keynote address powered by the National Sleep Foundation on Tuesday, September 27th. Arianna will share her personal story and journey towards a new found appreciation on sleep as well as provide insight into the importance and power of sleep especially for the corporate space tying in how sleep can change your life and your work.

Preceding her Keynote, in a session part of the EHBC and National Sleep Foundations New Corporate Health Sleep Conference track, Arianna will share the stage with wellness and benefits professionals from corporate America's most forward thinking employer groups in a session on the Innovative Corporate Sleep Program panel discussion. In this session congress delegates will walk away with key insights into:

  • why sleep is important to them (what motivated them to provide sleep-related benefits)
  • current sleep policies and programs in place and plans to advance these programs
  • x-factor (if any) of their sleep policies and/or programs (what sets them apart from the other panelists)
  • managing sleep when their employees need to work 24/7
  • expected and unexpected benefits of incorporating sleep into organization-wide policies
  • metrics they use to measure their success

Jonathan Edelheit, editor-in-chief, Corporate Wellness Magazine, is delighted to host Ms. Huffington at this year's Congress and stands behind her endeavor of revolutionizing the wellness field by dedicating focus to sleep.

"Getting more sleep is not a nemesis to business success as many think," cites Edelheit. "Having Arianna keynote our congress and share her story on why this is true is essential for our attendees. Corporate Wellness includes all facets of a person's life-financial, mental, emotional, and physical-and sleep plays a critical role to support all of these. The impact she makes on the world is tremendous, and we are thrilled to have her at this year's event."

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