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Basking in the Clear Sky of Recovery: Charting the Path from Addiction to Better Health and Wellness

Consider this column a follow-up to my piece about personal wellness, as I continue to receive inspiring messages from readers about the path from addiction to recovery. Let me also reiterate that corporate wellness - with its environment of camaraderie and cooperation, with its atmosphere of conviviality and copacetic relationships - requires helping workers suffering from addiction.

That assistance begins with compassion - it is the hallmark not only of a competent caregiver but of a kind and sympathetic one, too - since a patient needs the emotional safety and physical stability to overcome such serious challenge. When a facility offers such a setting, when its mission is to care for the needy and further the needs of those seeking care, when it has the experience and expertise to customize treatment for each individual, when it has the professionals such a place requires, when it exudes the professionalism such an organization must provide -- such an occasion is cause for celebration.

The source of these benefits is Clear Sky Recovery, which has 20-plus years of knowledge involving ibogaine treatment. That intelligence is important for several reasons. It is, first and foremost, a testament to honesty and integrity; which is to say, Clear Sky Recovery does not misrepresent ibogaine: It does not present this treatment as a cure for addiction, free of complications or side effects, nor does it veil this treatment with a sense of mysticism and grandeur.

Secondly, this center emphasizes the invaluable nature of safety - it makes individual safety the highest priority - so medical experts can apply ibogaine the right way (under the right conditions) for the right reasons. On a practical level, that commitment translates into a staff of the utmost discretion and ability, ready to address any potential crisis and master the most state-of-the-art medical technology available.

Let me return, then, to the point about compassion. That virtue is not an off-the-shelf commodity, as if any facility can call itself a source of concern for the sick and a place to comfort the afflicted; as if any center can cite volumes of unsolicited testimonials and hours of broadcasts about this issue; as if any doctor, consultant or counselor can speak about compassion with sincerity; as if anyone can deliver such care without years of training and decades of wisdom.

My review of Clear Sky Recovery, beginning with my comparative reading about this center versus other alleged providers of the same things, leads me to the following conclusion. While others may pay lip service to the value of compassion, while others may (not so readily) concede the primacy of compassion, while others may use the word itself as a cynical way to generate business and attract patients -- while others may exploit this concept, only one place delivers on its promise to honor (and exceed) the expectations about this ideal. These strengths are essential to recovery.They are indispensable to both corporate and personal wellness.

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