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2014 Corporate Wellness Champions

Corporate Wellness Magazine is proud to honor this year's Corporate Wellness Champions. These are wellness professionals who have shown a focus and dedication to making employees healthier and happier. This year's award winners are:

  • Katie Sarver, Wellness Outreach Program Manager, Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital
  • Eileen Maloney-White, Occupational Health Nurse Manager, Jazz Aviation LP
  • Sandy Clark, Benefits and Wellness Manager, King Ranch, Inc.
  • Lee O'Donnell, Corporate Manager, Prevention and Wellness, Orlando Health Inc.
  • Kembre Roberts, Manager, People & Wellness, Southwest Airlines
  • Tasha Lincoln, Senior Director of Human Resources, Modell's Sporting Goods

Corporate Wellness Champions can come in many different forms, from a Wellness Manager who creates award-winning wellness programs to the employee down the hall who notices you lost weight and encourages you to lose more. Here is what marks this year's recipients as the champions they are.

Katie Sarver

Katie is the Wellness Outreach Program Manager for Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital where she creates programming for both employees and the community. With a wide array of initiatives like fitness and nutrition challenges and their "Wellness on the Clock" program, Katie has helped Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital receive the American Heart Association's Fit-Friendly Workplace Award, the Community Innovations Award and the Worksite Innovation Award.

She has also helped the organization qualify as a Platinum Standard candidate for the ICC Employer Gold Standard program, which recognizes Indiana employers who are dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer by implementing best-practice cancer screening interventions in the workplace. Through her work, the organization has received grants to promote healthy behavior and has create a group of employees who are passionate about wellness.

Eileen Maloney-White

Eileen is an Occupational Health Nurse, manager with Health Services at Jazz Aviation LP in Vancouver. She is a mentor with the Canadian Nurses Association in Occupational Health, a Director of the American Board for Occupational Health Nurses, a member of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and instructs a college nursing program.

She received her nomination for her work championing a program at Jazz Aviation for the pilots working with the union, providers and the company to ensure the health of the employees. Her wellness program expedited surgeries, diagnostic tests and specialists appointments in an effort to reduce costs and time loss.

Sandy Clark

Sandy is currently the Benefits and Wellness Manager for King Ranch, Inc. with direct responsibility for leadership and management of all the Benefits and Wellness programs, and is a key driver of the wellness strategy. She is an active member of the Houston Business Coalition on Health, the Wellness Council of America, and served as a board member of the HOPE Clubhouse where is was instrumental in opening the first HOPE Clubhouse in Southwest Florida for those suffering from mental illness.

In 2012, Ms. Clark asked for the opportunity to move to Houston, home of the King Ranch Corporate office and lead up an effort to refocus the health insurance program on lifestyle. She has taken the program from an outsourced company to one that is run internally and a participation rate of 97%. Sandy personally meets with every employee to offer encouragement, and is greeted with hugs and kind works at every King Ranch location.

Lee O'Donnell

Lee O'Donnell has more than 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. In her current role, she has delivered a weight-loss program to over 15,000 employees. By working with vendor partners, she implemented healthy nutrition guidelines and changed offerings in all retail dining throughout seven healthcare facilities, including the flagship Orlando Regional Medical Center which employs over 5,000 team members. Her wellness facility was recognized as "Best of Orlando" in a readers' poll in 2005, 2006 and 2007. In 2011, Lee was published American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.

Kembre Roberts

Kembre is the Wellness Manager for Southwest Airlines, and has changed the landscape of their benefits and wellness in her time there. She received her Corporate Wellness Champion nomination for the diabetes program she designed and implemented. Some of the participants discovered they had type 2 diabetes or were borderline, possibly saving these employees lives.

Tasha Lincoln

Tasha is the Senior Director of Human Resources for Modell's Sporting Goods and was nominated for moving wellness to the forefront of their goals. In late 2011, Tasha was given the opportunity to expand the benefits of the organization. After examining the data, she determined that she need to help the employees become better consumers of healthcare.

She began small by encouraging them to think of their overall wellbeing with activities like fitness class, incentives for health screenings and a health risk assessment. The plan worked, employees now shop around for their healthcare.

Tasha recognizes the importance of good health for the associates and the organization and she continues to look for ways to excite people about being active.


These Wellness Champions were nominated by their peers, and received their awards at the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress. A common trait these women share is an enthusiasm to help the employees of their businesses.

A commitment to both ensuring employees' lead healthier and happier lives is a driving force behind their success. Corporate Wellness Champions do more than oversee wellness programs, they inspire other to become the best they can be.

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