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Workers at Faith Technology are healthier and more active, this case study shows you how.

Empowering the Power Workers – Faith Technology Case Study

by Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

With 15 locations across six states with a total of 2,050 employees, Menasha, Wisconsin-based electrical contractors Faith Technologies counts on its “Wellness Chargers” in its company-wide corporate wellness program to increase participation and…

A businessman with an office in a meadow

Wellness Starts Inside Out

Kerry Elam - in News & Insights

Working from the Inside Out A firm’s culture takes time and energy to cultivate and works best when it comes from the inside out. The book Outside In…

A woman eating an apple at the office

Adapt and Adopt: Translating a Healthy Culture into a Corporate Culture of Health

Dr. Will Clower - in Worksite Wellness

Principles apply across condition. One principle for any business is that it is easier to adapt an existing successful business model than to reinvent…

A doctor wearing a mask, pointing at a woman smoking a cigarette.

Corporate Wellness – Finding the Right Prescription for Reducing Healthcare Costs

Without question, escalating healthcare costs have been a heavy burden for American businesses

A happy couple playing in the snow, making snowballs and snowmen.

Creating New Year’s Resolutions for Your Wellness Program

Fiona Gathright - in Worksite Wellness

A new year provides the opportunity to look at and learn from the past; New Year’s resolutions offer us the opportunity to reach for our potential.

Wellness programs promote loyalty, so your employee doesn't need to make a leap of faith.

Health Culture at Work Promotes Loyalty and Drives Savings

An increasing number of companies are implementing wellness programs in an effort to help employees adopt healthy behaviors,

A man running with an EKG readout in the background.

Boost Your Employees’ Energy and Focus in 2011

We all understand that employee productivity boosts bottom line.

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Employers: Promote Employee Health for a Happier, More Productive Workforce

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana - in Worksite Wellness

Health issues consistently make headlines these days, from Americans’ struggles with obesity to increasing rates of diseases such as diabetes.