Weight-Neutral Workplace Wellness

What Is Weight-Neutral Workplace Wellness and Why Should we Consider it?

Although weight management initiatives are still a favorite in workplace wellness, more and more individuals and organizations are beginning to question their efficacy, with good reason. The literature on weight, weight loss, and the relationship between weight…

Arianna Huffington, National Sleep Foundation wide

Powerful Women in Wellness: Arianna Huffington

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Sleep is a necessity for every individual. But not everyone gets the sleep they need. Sometimes we find ourselves unable to sleep, or unable to stay asleep…


Survey Highlights State of Wearables in the Workplace

The recently released The State of Wearables in the Workplace survey, conducted by the Corporate Health & Wellness Association provides readers a…

Chris Boyce - CEO of Virgin Pule

Why the CEO of Virgin Pulse Did Not Go to Med School

With a professional history steeped in corporate and consumer loyalty programs, Chris Boyce landed at Virgin Pulse in 2006 as the company’s EVP, Product, Marketing and Business Development with his personal mission in tow—to help make a difference in people’s…

Silicon Valley Starving for Productivity

Silicon Valley Employees Fasting for Productivity

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Silicon Valley startup Nootrobox has a unique diet plan as part of their company culture, and the goal is not to lose weight. Starting Monday night and ending Wednesday morning, 36 hours total, the company implements a fasting period for all employees.…


Trends in Corporate Wellness in China

The rapid pace of China’s development, growth, modernization hasbeen an astonishing feat and one that has some of the world’s best minds contemplating the nation’s next steps on a global stage. And as China’s market has developed and expanded, so have…


Mindful Eating – Shifting the Focus from Weight to Well-being

Weight loss interventions are ineffective, counterproductive, and harmful. Studies have proven that weight loss programs do not create lasting changes in weight or health. A comprehensive review published in the Journal of Obesity titled “The Weight-Inclusive…


The State of Wearables in the Workplace

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At the last Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, attendees had the opportunity to participate in a survey regarding employer use of wearables in the workplace in exchange for a free wearable device. Over 300 human resource and wellness professionals…

No Wellness, No Bonus

No Wellness, No Bonus

Leadership buy in, as we all know, is a crucial part of any wellness program. Support needs to come from the top down. If the C-Suite and management do not utilize and discuss their company’s wellness program, why would the lower level employees? So…


The Validation Myth: Why Devices Don’t Close the Honesty Gap

We’re surprised how often we hear HR folks (and even the occasional seasoned wellness pro) suggest that requiring wellness challenge participants to wear a Fitbit® — or Jawbone®, Garmin®, or any of dozens of other devices — will prevent cheating.…


What Happened to the Wellness Wearable Boom?

It was not that long ago that wearable technology was a hot topic of conversation. In 2013, the release of the Samsung Gear— popularizing the idea of a smartwatch—as well as the Pebble and a new line of Fitbit devices were released. Then at the end…


Why Count Heart Rate and Not Steps

In 1998, I ran my first full-marathon using a Polar heart rate monitor where a strap around my rib cage that held a sensor transmitted information to a wristwatch clarified my heart rate. As long as my heart rate remained within its target range, I was in…


Work Can be a Real Pain in the Neck

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Hunching over a computer or phone all day can be a pain the neck – literally. If you are like most employees, staring at a screen all day then neck pain may be all too familiar to you. These long hours hunched over cause muscle strain in the neck and…


Corporate Wellness Wisdom: How a Woman From Springfield Massachusetts Influences Health Care

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Deep in the core of the successes and failures within employer corporate wellness programs lies a simple truth— behavioral change of an employee is what breeds a stronger return on investment (ROI). Other corporate wellness yardstick measures, like…


Data Privacy in the Age of Wearables

With the recent explosion in the power of technology, big data has never been as important as it is today. Companies across the globe all use data in some way, whether it is Google or Facebook building a profile of users to better serve ads, or a wellness…