Healthy Workplace Habits

5 Workplace Habits That Are Great For Your Health

As physiotherapists, we are constantly treating ailments associated with bad workplace habits. For example, if you sit at a desk for the majority of your working day, then you’re probably putting unwanted pressure on your spine. This pressure leads to poor…

Arianna Huffington, National Sleep Foundation wide

Powerful Women in Wellness: Arianna Huffington

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Sleep is a necessity for every individual. But not everyone gets the sleep they need. Sometimes we find ourselves unable to sleep, or unable to stay asleep…


Survey Highlights State of Wearables in the Workplace

The recently released The State of Wearables in the Workplace survey, conducted by the Corporate Health & Wellness Association provides readers a…

Weight-Neutral Workplace Wellness

What Is Weight-Neutral Workplace Wellness and Why Should we Consider it?

Although weight management initiatives are still a favorite in workplace wellness, more and more individuals and organizations are beginning to question their efficacy, with good reason. The literature on weight, weight loss, and the relationship between weight…


Employed Near a Zika Hotspot? Should you be Allowed to Work From Home?

Two additional cases of Zika have been confirmed in Florida; however, these cases are not linked to any of the known Zika hotspots in Miami, and they are not related to travel outside the U.S. For residents living in or near Florida, the two latest cases,…


Pfizer Acquires AstraZeneca as Busy Week Continues

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New York-based pharmaceutical company Pfizer had a busy week. First, they purchased biotech drug Medivation for $14 billion dollars. On Wednesday, they acquired British-Swedish pharmaceutical AstraZeneca's antibiotics division for a total of $1.5 billion,…


Find Your Optimal Stress Zone to Fuel Future Success

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Feeling Stressed? Stress continues to take a toll on workers. While a recent poll conducted by the American Psychological Association reveals that money is the top source of stress, even those working in financially secure positions are experiencing the deleterious…

A beautiful office garden

The Office Garden: Fruits, Vegetables, and Happier Employees

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According to staff surveys at Chesapeake Energy Corporation, a natural gas production company in Oklahoma, its office garden produces more than just corn and berries; it produces camaraderie and increased morale among employees. Chesapeake Energy Corporation…

Wellness Reward in Cash

Wellness Rewards: How Much is Too Much?

Danna Korn, Co-founder and CEO (Chief Energizing Officer) of Sonic Boom Wellness The first thing an HR executive or CEO should know is that (Warning: this may be shocking) wellness rewards are not necessary to engage employees in a corporate wellness program.…

Zika Travel Warning

Recommended Zika Precautions for Medical Travel

The Medical Tourism Association® (MTA) endorses the Center for Disease Control recommendations on Zika found at the following web address, and urges all travelers to review this site regularly prior to travel to any Zika prone destinations.…

Child receiving polio vaccine

New Polio Cases in Nigeria Setback for Eradication Efforts

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One year shy of pronouncing the state of Borno, Nigeria polio-free, two new cases of the disease have surfaced.  The grip of Boko Haram on the region is thought to be the largest contributing factor to the reemergence of the disease by rendering the area…

Decision Support Systems

Decision Support Systems for Modern Plan Designs

By: Andrew Brickman Benefit plan designs are changing. How can employers help their employees make the best decision at open enrollment? Consider these stats: Employees who are very satisfied with their benefits are almost four times more likely to be very…

Light Exposure

Light Exposure Does More than Keep You Up at Night

Very few inventions have changed the way people live more than the light bulb. Lights make the roads safer for night travel, make it possible to read into the evening hours, and even provide us with essential Vitamin D.  We live most of our lives -- both…

worksite daycare can help employers too

Worksite Daycare Doesn’t Just Benefit Parents, it Benefits Employers Too

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Recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics compiled an Employment Characteristics of Families Summary that detailed the workforce participation of parents in the U.S. According to the summary: 80 percent of families with children have at least one employed member…