Getting To The Heart Of Employee Health

Getting To The “Heart” Of Employee Health

Ed Harrold - in Others

Most of us learned in school that the heart is constantly responding to “orders” sent by the brain in the form of neural signals. However, less commonly known is that the heart sends far more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart! Moreover,…

certified wellness director

A Day in the Life of A Wellness Director

Jenny Dodson - in Others

Recently, I sat down with Robin Parsons who was the Director of Wellness for Fulton County, GA, which includes most of Atlanta. She shared the amazing…

Caring as a Shared Value

Caring as a Shared Value: Caring for the Employees and for the Organization

Dee W. Edington & Olga Reupert - in Worksite Wellness

Why is Caring Important? Caring is an integral component of basic human life.  Individuals and groups of like-minded people understand and care for the…

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Corporate Wellness Panel Discussion – Diversity In Corporate Wellness Programs

Daniel Pyne - in Others

Last week, GHR’s Christina Hunting sat down with four wellness professionals from all across the wellness industry – Bill McPeck, Consultant, Trainer, and Coach; Valerie Echter, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Echter Lifestyles; Romy Antoine CEO & Chief…

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The Office Eeyore: How They Negatively Impact the Workplace

Rebecca Gicante - in Worksite Wellness

Weekday mornings start the same for many of us. The alarm buzzes, we reluctantly roll out of bed, and then prepare ourselves for the upcoming day. It’s a fairly regimented daily routine, which is necessary if we want to get to work, or elsewhere, on time.…

cheerful office worker with pink luggage and sunglasses ready for vacation.

The Power of Vacation in Employee Wellness

Elizabeth Halkos - in Mental Health

How important is vacation? It can be summed up in one sentence: rested employees are more productive employees. Taking vacation can reduce stress, help prevent burnout and promote work-life balance by allowing for more time to be spent with family, significant…

A burned out employee putting her head on her desk

How to Determine if Your Employees are Burned Out

By Paul White, PhD - in Mental Health

I see a lot of “burned out” (or “flaming out”) employees. People who are emotionally, relationally and physically worn down. Responsible individuals that have “given all they’ve got” (usually in multiple areas of their lives) and don’t have…

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3 Health and Wellness Trends You Need to Watch in 2017

Alexis Levine - in Others

Thanks to rapid improvements in technology the health and wellness industry is constantly evolving. Over the past few years, through the use of wellness portals and the accompanying technology, it has become much easier to accurately monitor one's health,…

CWM - best way to be seen, read, heard and talked about

Corporate Wellness Magazine – The Best Way to Be Seen, Read and Talked About

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

You know that our annual congress pulls in over 2,000 attendees every year and this year we’re already getting to standing room only capacity. And you know that every year we hand out thousands of our flagship print publication that features topics on the…

Thermal comfort in the office

How Thermal Comfort Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Rebecca Gicante - in Worksite Wellness

Last week, I decided to take a moment to sort through my closet. I leaned in and started shuffling the hangers from left to right so that I could identify each item. While doing this, I realized that clothes for every season were hanging in there. Short sleeved…

Leveraging data to improve health

How Leveraging Data Can Improve Well-being

Pam Mortenson - in Worksite Wellness

Data analytics has emerged and grown as a critical tool throughout the healthcare industry, and workplace health and benefits are no different. As workplace well-being programs continue to evolve, data analytics plays a key role in both shaping program development…

Generation Z

Generation Z – The ‘Just Google-it’ Generation

Kim Bassett - in Others

Imagine growing up in a world where Google has always existed. Where Facebook is as much of a staple as Nickelodeon or the Johnny Carson Show. A world where terrorists and 9/11 are not only a reality but also a history lesson, told and explained to them like…

employee incentive business concept as a group of businessmen and businesswomen running on a track towards a dangling carrot on a moving cable as a financial reward metaphor to motivate for a goal.

Carrots, Sticks or Knowledge: Is Your Wellness Program Making the Right Choice?

Dr. Jeanine Joy - in Worksite Wellness

Is your organization using carrots or sticks in an effort to improve outcomes in your corporate wellness program? Do you understand what the research shows about offering carrots for outcomes people are already intrinsically motivated to accomplish? Intrinsic…

How Small Businesses Can Attract Employees Like a Large Employer

How Small Businesses Can Attract Employees Like a Large Employer

Michael Estep - in Voluntary Benefits

Small businesses accounted for 40 percent of new jobs over the past two decades1.  Now more than ever, small business owners face the challenge of competing with larger companies to attract and retain employees. Employees expect their employer to offer a…

How To Gracefully Handle Political Discussions At Work

How to Handle Political Discussions in the Office

Kerry Wekelo Elam - in Worksite Wellness

We are taught that we should not talk about politics or religion in the workplace; however, as our nation is faced with intense political divide and the media streaming negativity, it is only natural that political discussions are showing up at work again.…