Sleep and Weight, It’s a Symbiotic Relationship

Danielle Keenan, Health Management Specialist, Keenan - in Others

When we’re preoccupied with juggling work, family and personal lives, sleep is often one of the first things that’s neglected. As those commitments increase and our free time seems to wane all too quickly, few of us remember to prioritize getting more…

working nurse with the patient in icu ward peripheral artery disease

A Seasonal Reminder about Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD): The QuantaFlo Solution

Lewis Fein - in Others

Consider this piece a sequel to my column about Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and the QuantaFlo™ System from Semler Scientific. Consider this piece a seasonal reminder about an issue too important to ignore, too urgent to dismiss and too critical to deny.…

love, charity and family concept - close up of child hands holding red heart shape at home

3 Reasons for Hands-on Giving

Kerry Alison Wekelo - in Worksite Wellness

Giving back is something many companies like to claim, but what kind of giving do they do and is it heartfelt? Although monetary donations can do amazing things for worthy causes, it’s often hard to tell whether companies are donating for the benefit of…

happy couple running outdoors

The Triumph of the Meritocracy: A Guide for Health and Wellness

Lewis Fein - in Worksite Wellness

How can we promote corporate wellness without a guide – an accurate and impartial one – that enables us to distinguish between alleged experts and actual ones? How can employers encourage employees to make good health a priority, when there is little or…

Employee stress can effect productivity and absenteeism, making the stress even worse.

5 Strategies to Address Employee Stress in the Workplace

By Yesa Yu - in Mental Health

“The next economic era demands new ways of working that harness human potential. Competitiveness and success in the future economy will require the harnessing of human talent and energy, by supporting all of us to be healthy, resilient, motivated, and engaged…

running man,network connection turned into, illustration.

Looking Good and Feeling Well: The Goshly Approach to Corporate Wellness

Lewis Fein - in Worksite Wellness

Corporate wellness is an improbable ideal –– unless there is an obvious commitment to style. That is, it is hard to encourage people to buy health insurance, or to enroll in an online course about nutrition and fitness; it is hard to improve a worker's…

attractive blond woman checking health score on phone app

Crossing the Well-being Chasm: Why we Need a Health Score

by Matt Park - in News & Insights

The Well-being Chasm If we look at “engagement” in  well-being as a journey - from initial engagement, to crossing the chasm, to complete “ownership” of one’s own health, then it would help us understand what needs to happen at different stages…

close up hands wrapped in tailor measure tape covering face of young depressed and worried girl

Wellness Programs and Eating Disorders: A Potentially Lethal Combination

Imagine if you were a recovering alcoholic. You hadn’t taken a drink in quite some time, attended AA meetings conscientiously, and were getting on with your life. Then your employer had a drinking contest and told you that you weren’t drinking enough.…

Los Angeles Convention Center

SAVE THE DATE: Healthcare Revolution Moves to Orlando Oct. 28 – 30, 2018

1. Think Tanks & Brain Exchanges That Harness Meaningful Discussion Healthcare Revolution’s Think Tanks and Brain Exchanges (formally known as forums) encourage attendees to put aside their differences and work together as a group to discuss the obstacles…

science, chemistry, biology, medicine and people concept - close up of young female scientist holding tube with blood sample in clinical laboratory and dna molecule structure

Direct to Consumer Tests: Risks, Benefits, and Regulatory Requirements

By: Varsha Meghnani, PhD - in Others

Today, consumers are getting more health-conscious and are willing to be more involved in decision making and managing their healthcare. Therefore, direct to consumer tests (DTCs) are gaining popularity among consumers and healthcare providers. Over the past…

detail of blood screening results prinitng with focus on cholesterol

Why Health Screening Programs Fail and What Employers Can Do About It

By Pete Desai - in Worksite Wellness

Employer-sponsored health insurance plans cover more than half of the country’s non-elderly population, reports the Kaiser Family Foundation in its 2016 Employer Health Benefits Survey. This reflects a significant expense and investment in the health, wellness,…

Business Team Meeting Working Talking Concept

5 Ways Your Culture Can Support Well-Being and Engagement

by Henry Albrecht - in Worksite Wellness

Company culture tells people what’s acceptable — it’s traditionally seen as the beliefs, norms and behaviors that show people “how things are done here.” In order for culture to flourish, it needs to visibly (and authentically) demonstrate support…