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The Case for Direct Physician Contracting

Daniel Goldberg - in Focused

With insurance networks and reimbursements shrinking, physicians have been scrambling to find ways to avoid the insurance and managed care pitfalls. Simultaneously, employers who are self-funding the medical claims of employees have been searching for ways…

A chiropractor showing a patient the vertebrae he will work on.

Healing Injuries and Improved Quality of Life: Innovations within Chiropractic Health

Dr. Joseph Terranova - in Others

As a chiropractor with a commitment to healing, I recognize the challenges many patients face with regard to injuries, limited motion and the quest to…

A group of surgeons looking down at a patient.

Corporate Wellness and Employee Morale: Supporting the Surgeons Who Transform the Lives of Patients

Lewis Fein - in Focused

Corporate wellness and employee morale are inseparable. The two are responsible for everything from enhanced productivity

A woman holding her notes, about to give a presentation to a meeting.

Educating Consumers about Healthcare Price Transparency is the Best Solution to Controlling Costs

Dr. Jeffery Rice - in Selling & Marketing

Health reform won’t stop providers from overcharging for care, only consumers can do that.