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Virtual Reality Graded Exposure Therapy: The Paradigm Shift That Can Change Our Mental Reality

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Mental Health

Imagine curing severe social anxiety, PTSD, or even agoraphobia not with medication or traditional psychotherapy—but with something as simple as a video game. Sounds crazy, right? Think again! It’s called Virtual reality graded exposure therapy (VRGET),…

Meditation and Mindfulness for Better Overall Health

By Danielle Keenan, Health Management Specialist, Keenan First of all, what’s the difference between mindfulness and meditation? They’re closely related but slightly different. Meditation can be viewed as a way to clear the mind, let go, and achieve peace…

A woman journaling, or a mental dump, for mental health

Mentally Dump for Mental Health

June Saruwatari - in Focused

The nagging thoughts of all the tasks that have to be done like the emails screaming for attention, the speech points you must prepare for the next company meeting, the lunch with that all-important client, the missing button on your new shirt, the mee

Use brain training methods to improve emotional balance and live a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

Brain Training for Emotional Balance & Maturity

Jacquelyn Ferguson, M.S. - in Others

Moods are tricky. Some come and go quickly, like irritation with your gum-chewing co-worker. Others are

A woman on a couch talking to a therapist, part of a whole person approach to wellness.

Mental Health As Part of Corporate Wellness Programs

Judi Hennebry Wise - in Focused

Today’s corporate wellness programs tend to focus on helping employees improve their health by creating clinical improvement initiatives around certain measures such as blood pressure,

A group of employees high-fiving.

Why Employers Should Link Employee Happiness to Greater Success

Jamey Bednez - in News & Insights

Many employers are being challenged to restrain rising health care costs. The realization that the lack

A well dressed man listening to an iPod, pretending to conduct an orchestra.

Music Wellness Programs: Merging Self-Responsible Strategies

Judith Pinkerton - in News & Insights

Noted cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton reports that over 95 percent of all disease-related ailments in this country are created by stress.

Three employees having a productive meeting at work.

Disability Management and Wellness for a Healthier, More Productive Workforce

Michael Klachefsky - in Worksite Wellness

Employee absences, such as short- and long-term disability absences, leaves of absence (LOAs) and incidental absences,

A plastic hearth with a stethoscope on an EKG readout, all of the elements of a good health diagnostic.

Improve Your ROI With a Wellness Diagnostic

Fabien Loszach - in Worksite Wellness

The benefits of promoting healthy lifestyles in the workplace have been proven; good employee health boosts productivity,

A depressed woman sitting in a doorway with her head in her hands.

Defeating Depression with Resilience

A good way to reduce health care costs and increase vitality and productivity in your organization is to increase resilience to prevent or eliminate depression.

Key Issues in Workplace Mental Health

Key Issues in Workplace Mental Health

David Michaels - in Focused

One in five Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. In any year, 12 percent of Canadians age 15 to 64 suffer from a mental disorder or substance dependence,

A glass jar labeled "medicine" full of a variety of pills of gifferent shapes, colors and sizes.

8 Tips To Reduce Narcotics Abuse in Workers’ Compensation

Tron Empatage - in Economics

On-the-job injuries often involve chronic pain for injured workers and long-term liability for workers’ compensation self-insured payors.

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