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Woman's hands wearing a wearable device and holding a cup of coffee

How Sustainable is Your Wellness Program? Why Not All Fitness Trackers are Created Equally

Andrew J. Rosenthal - in Column

Ask any senior manager what are the key attributes they look for in an effective team member, and the chances are reliability and consistency will be up there. But, while most of us manage to be predictably excellent in the workplace, there are other parts…

Navigating the maze of wearable device challenges for fitness programs

Game Plan: Making Wearable Devices Part of Corporate Wellness Ecosystem

Anthony Knierim - in Case Study, Column, Features

When many modern companies discuss corporate wellness, they really mean wearable devices and apps. It’s no secret that fitness tracking gadgets — Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, and others — or,wearable devices that can measure steps and other forms of exercise;…

An athletic woman using a wearable device

Will Fitness Trackers Like The Apple Watch Revolutionise Corporate Wellness?

Paul Otote - in Column

Almost every employer understands the benefits of engaging employees in wellness. These benefits include a potential saving of £1600 ($2461.60) per employee per year from the reductions in absenteeism and presenteeism[i]. In spite of this, a new study revealed…

Wearable technology example

Business Attire: Wearable Devices FIT Corporate Wellness Strategies

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Features, Technology

Get a look at that wrist. Those stylish bracelets worn around the office are making a fashion statement of their own and enabling employers to redefine the meaning  of business attire. Clung to arms, clipped to waistbands or wrapped around wrists and ankles,…

A wearable device on an arm

Decisions…Decisions: Choosing the Right Wearable Fitness Tracker

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Features

As wearable fitness trackers gain increasing mainstream popularity and their manufacturers develop new devices to support consumer fascination with these products, employers will be hard-challenged to keep pace with implementing strategies that take full advantage…

A woman with wearable device using a medicine ball

Watch your Step – Smart Watches and other Wearables for Health & Fitness

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in News & Insights

I had a dream last night that my wife gave me a wristwatch for my birthday. It’s a combination, phone, television, music library, day planner, remote control for all my appliances and lights, a camera, calculator, personal shopper, dictionary, game console,…

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