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A man doing yoga

Mind, Body, Me – A Case Study in Wellness Engagement at Ithaca College

Cindy McCall - in Features

Although a great deal of research has been published that celebrates the return on investment that can be attained by implementing a wellness program that truly saves money and produces a happier, healthier workforce, many organizations still struggle to realize…

A stressed employee surrounded by paperwork

Managing Stress at Work – The ‘Triple A’ Approach

Lisa Lounsbury - in Worksite Wellness

Have you ever noticed that you seem to get sick at the same time each year or after a challenging or stressful situation?  It’s a known fact that stress makes people sick. Chronic stress can cause havoc on your Body, Mood and Behavior and can range from…

A pill filled with tiny hearts.

Follow Your Heart and Listen to Your Body

William McKinnon - in Others

A feeling of jubilation and relief filtered through my body as I crossed the finish line this past May in Eugene

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