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Metabolic Syndrome is an under treated condition in corporate wellness programs.

Managing Metabolic Syndrome is a Delicious Boost to ROI

by Alison Acerra R.D. - in Others

When I made my way west after graduate school and arrived as a nutrition consultant at a high profile Silicon Valley tech company, I was stunned to discover that for such an educated, seemingly well-informed workforce, rates of Metabolic Syndrome (MetS)…

A sign for a Chipotle resturant

Chipotle Mexican Grill – A Study in Sustainable Wellness

Colleen Reilly - in Features, Others

In 2010, Chipotle, a restaurant provider of “food with integrity,” wanted to develop a wellness program to change company culture. The wellness program chosen through the company’s healthcare provider garnered dismal employee participation and engagement.…

Travelers in a busy airport.

Corporate Wellness Out of Town – What to do with Employees Who Travel

Kristine Mullen - in Features, Others

Because many of its 344 employees are constantly on the road, working on projects across the Southeast, arol Swanson thought their health was imperative. So, the human resources manager at Winter Construction began searching for a wellness program to supplement…

A smiling, engaged woman riding a stationary bike at the gym.

Successfully Engaging Employees in Wellness Programs

Annmarie Fini - in Worksite Wellness

Health and wellness professionals consistently report that motivating individuals to participate in a workplace wellness program is the biggest challenge they face.

Two men shacking hands over a laptop.

Happy Hour is 9-5

Colleen Reilly - in Others

What a cool name of a business book. I was doing additional research on health and productivity when I came across

A simple evaluation of a wellness program can improve engagement, productivity and save money.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Health and Productivity Management Program

An increasing number of employers offer health and productivity management programs designed to improve the health and well being of their employees.

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