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Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini

Forget ROI: Aetna CEO’s Perspective on Wellness & Functionality

Mark Bertolini was no ordinary patient. After  breaking  his neck in five places during a ski accident in 2004, the chairman, chief executive officer and president at Aetna turned his back on conventional painkillers for combating his partial paralysis.…

A man looking at the missing piece of the wellness puzzle, i.e. incentives

Reinventing Corporate Wellness Incentives to Drive Actual Results

Grace Dickinson - in Economics

For years, most corporate wellness programs have done little more than “look good” as an added benefit on paper. Health culture within companies has…

A woman using a smartphone and wearable technology

Leveraging Digital Technology to Create Healthy Habits & Impact Community Health

Garth Graham, M.D. - in News & Insights

Now, more than ever, digital technology is playing a vital role in how we live our daily lives, including how we manage our health.  According to the…

Fitness trackers and other wearable technology will be a crucial piece of the wellness puzzle

Fitness Trackers On Course To Become Fashionable Piece of Wellness Puzzle

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Editorial

Don’t look now, but those devices clipped onto waistbands, wrapped around wrists or dropped in a pocket may be coming to a body part on you.

Meditating can help calm nerves, and may make you a better leader.

Do Meditators Make Better Leaders?

Dr. Jeffery Gero - in Others

No one seems to really say what meditation is. They do say what it does. I don’t believe that a meditator would get the same great benefits, which meditation offers,

A map with a pin placed in El Paso, Mexico.

Cross-Border Healthcare: A Creative Option for Texas Self-Insured Employers

José Aroeste - in Others

One of the advantages of self-funding for employers in Texas is the ability to include cross-border healthcare.

A person holding an umbrella with dark storm clouds in the back grounds. TO the right are are the words "Your Employees Will Be Global Healthcare Consumers — Are You Prepared to Communicate with Them?"

Your Employees Will Be Global Healthcare Consumers — Are You Prepared to Communicate with Them?

Shawn M. Connors - in News & Insights

A “perfect storm” of trends occurred about 10 years ago in the music industry, and it changed the landscape of that business forever.

A man holding a stack of Euros

The Value Proposition of Worksite Clinics

Bill Crimmins - in Economics

In short Insurance Companies and TPA’s are in the risk business and administration...Work Site Clinic manager’s are in the provider business