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A modern urban hospital

Redefining Healthcare with Design of the Green Hospital

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Worksite Wellness

 The design of eco-friendly, energy-efficient, green construction projects has been gaining attention in all quarters, from the construction of private homes, office buildings, to large buildings such as hospital complexes. In the health sector, the so-called…

Workplace Stress: A Silent Killer of Employee Health and Productivity

Greg Okhifun - in Worksite Wellness

Having a job in many ways improves an individual’s health and overall attitude toward life. However, many people face significant stress in the workplace that it outweighs any possible benefits and even poses a threat to their health. The United States’…

Certified for Safety: A New Standard of Wellness

Michael Shaw - in Worksite Wellness

Offices abound with certificates of safety, notifying workers of a building’s compliance with various codes involving zoning, wiring, sprinklers, storage, loading, and maintenance. These certificates are proof of compliance, but they do not prove workers…

Safe Workers and Smart Driving Habits: Models of Wellness

Lewis Fein - in Worksite Wellness

A safe workplace is the result of rights that protect workers and protections that benefit our most vulnerable workers: the drivers on the nation’s roads and highways; the men and women who make a living traveling the byways of our small towns and biggest…

Staying Safe from Toxins in the Workplace

Rachel Lynch - in Worksite Wellness

Establishing a secure and safe work environment is imperative to a productive and fulfilled workforce. Wellness programs that encourage employees to engage in physical activity help to establish good work-life balance, but what if it’s the physical workspace…

8 Tips to Help Keep Your Team Healthy: Boost Company Productivity and Team Fitness

Emily Watts - in Worksite Wellness

Are you a small business manager looking forward to boosting your company productivity? If you are, you have landed on the right page. Here you will get to know some working tips and ideas that will help increase the productivity and health culture of your…

A woman using a smartphone

An Invisible Enemy with Visible Effects: Electromagnetic Fields

Michael Shaw - in Worksite Wellness

By promoting mobility and making wellness a priority, companies may in fact be worsening the health of their workers by giving them—and encouraging them to use—mobile devices. This is not an example of bad intentions but the unintentional result of forces…

How to Set Up a Healthy Workstation

Gracie Sanders - in Worksite Wellness

Previously here on Corporate Wellness Magazine, we discussed how prolonged sitting can lead to various health conditions. The immediate effects of this include weight gain and high blood pressure, which are risk factors that contribute to chronic illnesses…

Coworkers eating lunch together

Practice, Program, Policy: A step-wise approach to foster wellbeing at work

Leanna Lilly, MS, PHR, CCWS - in Worksite Wellness

Creating a culture of well-being within an organization is a big job and takes time, money and support. Recently, I was introduced to a new concept from the not-for-profit world, “Pledge the Practice, Pass the Policy.” The idea is simple: pledge to act…

A women fighting depression at work

Visual Acuity: About an Acute Threat to Vision

Micheal D. Shaw - in Worksite Wellness

Eyestrain is a strain on wellness in general and corporate wellness in particular. How we work, continually in front of screens––from computers to phones to tablets––is cause for concern. One such concern is myopia, often called nearsightedness, in…

Leaders, Employee Well-Being Starts with You

Rebecca Johnson - in Worksite Wellness

Whether your company is considering wellness initiatives or has a solid program already in motion, the most important thing you can do for your employees’ well-being is to focus on your organization’s culture. Health fairs, onsite yoga and healthier food…

The Cost of Employee Fitness: Do Financial Incentives Make Cents?

Victor Tringali, MS, CSCS, *D - in Worksite Wellness

Physical activity is associated with improved health and can help mitigate or delay the onset of many diseases, including types of cancer, coronary artery disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, and osteoarthritis while improving quality of life in healthy…

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