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Wellness Programs and Eating Disorders: A Potentially Lethal Combination

Imagine if you were a recovering alcoholic. You hadn’t taken a drink in quite some time, attended AA meetings conscientiously, and were getting on with your life. Then your employer had a drinking contest and told you that you weren’t drinking enough.…

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Lose Fat By Limiting Insulin Spikes

Warren Wilkins - in Weight-Loss

We all look for that magical pill -- the right detox tea, or perfect exercise  -- the thing that will accelerate us to our weight loss goals. We want to get rid of our belly fat, trim up inches around our waist and drop weight without changing our lives.…

Ten Myths about Employee Weight Loss Programs

Al Lewis, CEO, www.quizzify.com - in Others, Weight-Loss

Much of what we think we know about corporate weight loss programs is wrong. Yet weight is the #1 source of fines and incentives for outcomes-based programs. And any program, or any employee in the program, is considered successful when weight declines, however…

Making 2017 the Year of Your Health

Daniel Pyne - in Weight-Loss

Three years ago to the day (January 3, 2014) I began my own health and wellness journey. At the time, I weighed just shy of 230 lbs. (about 60 lbs. overweight for someone my height). I was a smoker. I drank 3 to 4 cans of soda a day. I was a mess and felt…

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6 Tips To Differentiate Hunger vs. Thirst

Sarah Hoots - in Weight-Loss

It’s common to confuse thirst for hunger, and if you’re trying to lose weight it’s important to know the difference. Confusing these two powerful cravings may cause you to consume more calories than you need and prevent your weight loss goals. The same…

When Diet and Exercise Aren’t Enough

When Diet and Exercise Aren’t Enough

Kenneth Schwarz, Ph.D. - in Weight-Loss

Diet and exercise. These are the favorite solutions for losing weight. They are shouted from the hilltops, whispered secretly among the rank and file, noted in almost every article written to help the overweight and the obese, even by the pros. Yet on any…

Science can help you lose weight!

The Scientific Way to Lose Weight

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Weight-Loss

What if most of the existing weight loss programs are not based on good science? Would that explain why such a big percentage of people are not successful in their weight loss efforts?  One of the participants in a recent weight-loss webinar remarked that…

Producing a Healthier Bottom line by Promoting Family and Community Engagement

by The OrganWise Guys - in Weight-Loss

As the prevalence of obesity and its corollary effect - healthcare costs - continue to rise, an often-overlooked element may provide employers with both short and long-term improvements in both categories. That component is focusing on creating healthy kids.…

Lady Gaga posing for Vanity Fair

Going Gaga for our Best Self – Warrior Women in Wellness Award

This article is the second in a series examining the impact of women in the wellness world. You can find the first article here. Singing the National Anthem at the 2016 Super Bowl is Lady Gaga’s well-deserved accolade to young women whose star wattage rests…

Nucor Steel's weight loss program had employees changing their mind on food and sleep..

Nucor Steel Medical Weight-Loss Program

Nucor Steel, a Fortune 300 company and the largest manufacturer of recycled steel in the United States, embodies a culture that can be summarized by a decentralized management philosophy, performance-based compensation, customer service and quality, technical…

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