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Can Tech Help Manage Mental Health in the Workplace?

A human being is only as healthy as his or her mind is, and mental illness is a rather silent, slowly developing health problem that significantly reduces employee health and productivity. Employers are gradually beginning to see how vital managing employee…

Why Mobile-friendly Employee Benefits Matter

Steven Bearak - in Technology

Today’s workforce is always connected, whether at work or throughout their personal lives. Employees have countless apps on their smartphones which often makes it easier for them to do quick personal tasks during work hours or even answer work emails in…

And the Winner is Somatix!

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Technology

The lights went down, and the crowd hushed as the first presentation began. Healthcare startups from across the world had gathered in the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress and World Medical Tourism & Global…

Four Ways Technology Can Help you Transition from Wellness to Well-being

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Technology

The corporate wellness industry has been undergoing a quiet revolution. What started as encouraging employees to walk more and watch what they eat have transformed into programs that seek to help employees across all aspects of their lives, from their health…

silicon micro chip on human finger's tip

Microchips: The New ‘Wearable’?

Seth Golbe - in Technology

Over the past few years, wearables have been the latest product of technology, allowing consumers to track their exercise and eating habits. With companies like HealthyYOU Vending reporting an increased demand for healthy snacks in the workplace and the corresponding…

5 Apps Changing How The Healthcare Industry Works

Kamil Riaz - in Technology

The recent technological innovations and mobile advancements are bringing about a major change in the relationship between healthcare professionals and their patients. Patients want faster answers to their healthcare queries and greater control over wellness…

The Proliferation of Artificial Intelligence and the Healthcare Revolution

Lewis Fein - in Technology

Consider this column a sequel to my piece about artificial intelligence (AI) and the forthcoming healthcare revolution. Think of this article as a response to the many emails I received – the many emails I continue to receive – concerning the use of AI…

cardboard human head cutout revealing circuit board content artificial intelligence

Corporate Wellness and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Lewis Fein - in Technology

Corporate wellness is more than an exercise on behalf of promoting the benefits of exercise. It is more than the promotion of fitness and nutrition, with incentives (financial or otherwise) to lose weight, or reduce the risk of high blood pressure, stroke,…

How to Help Your Employees Become Smart Healthcare Shoppers

Marcia Otto - in Technology

Employees continue to take on increasing responsibility for making key decisions about their health, including managing costs. Surveys from Aon Hewitt and the Kaiser Family Foundation indicate that the adoption of consumer-driven, high deductible health plans…

How Healthcare technology is changing our lives

6 Ways Healthcare Technology is Transforming Our Lives

Erica Silva - in Technology

From attempting to explain your situation to the best of your abilities, to the physician conducting a preliminary checkup and recommending diagnostic tests that will take days to return; healthcare technology sure has come a long way. We now have our medical…

Can Blue Light Make You Sick?

Nathan Walz - in Technology

One of the most overlooked health risks in today’s world is chronic exposure to blue light. This can lead to diabetes, obesity, depression and other modern day diseases. Blue light actually looks white to the naked eye. It is emitted from screens on smartphones,…

Fitbit to Acquire Pebble As Wearable Market Continues to Collapse

Daniel Pyne - in Technology

New reports show that Fitbit will acquire their competitor Pebble for $34 – 40 million, yet another sign of trouble in the falling wearable device market. Pebble is most famous for their record-breaking Kickstarter campaigns totaling more than $30 million.…

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