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Obamacare's wellness regulations are in

A Review of the New Wellness Regulations: A Departure from Personal Responsibility & Accountability for Health

Lisa M. Holland - in News & Insights

As a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, wellness programs have received new regulations. This article outlines the changes made to these programs, and how to comply with the new law. These changes are to how programs operate, and how…

A person balancing the words healthy and balance on their finger tip.

Balancing Corporate and Personal Responsibility

Chris Cigarran - in News & Insights

Balancing Corporate and Personal Responsibility

A mother and young child playing in a field near a stream.

The Truth About Responsibility

LeAura Alderson - in Focused

Responsibility gets a bad rap. “Who is responsible?”, is often accompanied by the familiar tune of “Not me.”

A sick woman with the flu blowing her nose.

The 411 on Flu in the Workplace

Steve Pellito - in Focused

Influenza is a very serious, but preventable illness that claims the lives of tens of thousands of people each year.

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