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ROI in the wellness industry is a contentious topic, so what should employers do?

Should Employers Give Up on Wellness ROI?

by Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

Wellness programs have evolved over time—what was once a company softball team has been replaced by an onsite wellness center with physicians and employees in the workplace donning wearable devices that count steps. The growth within the wellness workplace…

A doctor taking a patients blood pressure.

Low in Risk for CVD in the Coming Ten Years? That Might Not Be True.

Morgan C. Wang - in Column

For those who care about your employees’ health, there are two known major risk calculators the ACC/AHA risk calculator and the Framingham risk calculator, unfortunately they may not perform as well as previously thought. Recently an article [1] pointed…

A physician using an advanced tablet computer

Advanced Analytics Methodology: Describe, Diagnose, Predict and Prescribe

Rabih Suki - in Focused

The spiraling cost of healthcare faced by our nation has reached more than $2 trillion and its inflationary pressures remain thus far unabated, outpacing all other categories of spending increase by many multiples. Within this vast number, healthcare w

People working to achieve better health.

Positive Organizational Health

The Problem America, as well as many other countries in the world, is at an important crossroad. While many large companies are reporting near record profits, employees are experiencing near epidemic levels of stress, anxiety and depression often created…

A businessman meditating in whitespace

Revitalize your Wellness Program and Improve Engagement

Veronica Marsden - in Column

Reducing health risks, improving quality of life, enhancing personal effectiveness, and benefits to your organization's bottom line: These are the reasons you implement corporate wellness programs. But are you meeting these objectives? How effective are your…

Natural medicine

Smart Prevention — Spend a Little, Save a Lot

Steve Mister - in Economics

Note to reader: This article is based on information from a Frost & Sullivan economic analysis, “Smart Prevention—Healthcare Cost Savings Resulting from the Targeted Use of Dietary Supplements.” The report was funded through a grant from the CRN…

A businessman at his desk with a sore neck

What’s Wrong With Wellness?

Dr. Bruce Campbell - in News & Insights

In order to build a culture of wellness in an organization, it’s important to be clear about what wellness means, the goals of the wellness program, what the program’s components are, and how the program “fits” into the work of the organization. Historically,…

An employee using systems thinking

The Big Picture View: Linear Thinking in a Nonlinear World

Frank G. Magourilos - in News & Insights

Every day consciously and unconsciously humans, organizations and governments are trying to make sense of the world. How and why events occur and how these events are influenced by the decisions we make. The way humans have learned to do this is by thinking…

A man writing words like partner, assist and support to demonstrate the paradigm shift happening at their company.

A Systems Thinking Approach to “Collective Impact”; the Necessary Ingredients for a Paradigm Shift in Engaging Public Health Prevention and Corporate Wellness Programs

Frank G. Magourilos - in News & Insights

"General Systems Theory, a related modern concept [to holism], says that each variable in any system

A nurse posing with a screening machine in a doctor's office.

Simple Screening Can Protect Your Workforce from Major Problems.

Johnette van Eeden - in News & Insights

Providing screening and preventive care services is a great way to improve the health of your workforce.

A caution sign with the word cancer.

Cancer Prevention – What you Can Do to Help Yourself

John W Buckley - in Others

Cancer is the second largest killer disease in America, following heart disease.

A professionally dressed man stretching at his desk.

Prevention: The Best Medicine for Creating a Corporate Culture of Health

Jennifer Turgiss - in Focused

The old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is more true now than ever.

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