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Choosing the proper specialist is difficult, but is an important decision for your overall health.

Why the Right Specialist is Important

by Dr. Benjamin Safirstein - in Others

As most employers know first-hand, the costs of providing health and wellness benefits to employees continues to spiral upward. What many employers do not realize is a large portion of these costs are a direct result of the broken link between primary and…

An athletic woman using a wearable device

Will Fitness Trackers Like The Apple Watch Revolutionise Corporate Wellness?

Paul Otote - in Column

Almost every employer understands the benefits of engaging employees in wellness. These benefits include a potential saving of £1600 ($2461.60) per employee per year from the reductions in absenteeism and presenteeism[i]. In spite of this, a new study revealed…

Fish swimming in an arrow, with one standing out pointing the other way.

Challenging the Mainstream

Thomas Sondergeld - in Features, Others

I have been fortunate to observe and learn from someone who fished with a net. This very interesting and intricate process to capture as many fish as possible is not as simple as it seems. The net is not merely thrown into the water. There is planning and…

A stack of money with ROI on top made of building blocks.

The Business Case for Wellness Programs

Fiona Gathright - in Economics

Powerful wellness programs educate employees about healthy choices and provide the support and

Charts showing the growth of wellness ROI at this company.

Wellness ROI: A Big Business

Archana Kansagra - in Economics

An increasing number of employers understand the advantages of wellness programs (especially the

An office with extreme absenteeism. No work is getting done, costing your company.

The Cost of Unplanned Absenteeism Is Your ROI Really Your ROI?

Rob Goldstein - in Economics

Is your ROI really you ROI or are unplanned absences costing the workplace billions more than we can accurately project

A magnifying glass examining an expense report.

Tell the Right Story with Your Program Reporting Processes

The secret to success in reporting is to tell a credible story about the value of health promotion

A group of smiling happy men and women riding stationary bikes.

Why Wellness Works: How to Turn Your Workforce Into a WELLFORCE

As the health care landscape continues to change at an unprecedented pace, companies

A man watering a plant trimmed in the shape of a dollar sign.
A happy family holding hands, looking at the beach at sunset.

Love Assurance: Employee Satisfaction and Workplace Wellness

Dr. Roger Boger - in Worksite Wellness

Since the 1970’s, our nation’s companies have been instituting wellness programs following concepts that Asian companies have been using successfully.

People racing around the office, showing the passage of time.

Getting Older: The Inevitable

Steven F. Hotze, M.D. - in Worksite Wellness

Getting older: It is an inevitable“disease” that plagues us all at some point, and for your executives,age can become their biggest competitor and your company’s biggest threat.

A trio of professionally dressed employees getting into position at the starting line of a foot race.

New Year – New Wellness Plan

Carol Gugliemetti - in Focused

Personal aspirations aside, what are your resolutions in 2012 as a wellness manager? You probably have some of the same ones as previous

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