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Moving Employee Health Into Action

Tanja Madsen - in Column

It wasn’t too long ago that C. Everett Koop, former U.S. surgeon general, challenged Americans to "create a smoke-free society in the United States by the year 2000."1 Boeing Co. stepped up to the challenge in 1984 and became the largest U.S. company to…

An incentive motivating an employee

A Look at Incentives and How They Impact Motivation

Susan Zbikowski - in Economics

The use of financial incentives to encourage employee participation in health and wellness programs has grown steadily in recent years, and is now the norm. Included in this year’s Towers Watson/National Business Group on Health employer survey was the finding…

Natural medicine

Smart Prevention — Spend a Little, Save a Lot

Steve Mister - in Economics

Note to reader: This article is based on information from a Frost & Sullivan economic analysis, “Smart Prevention—Healthcare Cost Savings Resulting from the Targeted Use of Dietary Supplements.” The report was funded through a grant from the CRN…

A small business owner

Affordably Creating a Wellness Culture At a Small Company: A Case Study

Andrew Pickens - in Worksite Wellness

Rising healthcare premiums, high claims rates, poor benefit offerings. All of these factors can spell trouble for a small company trying to maintain strong participation in its benefit plans. To target each of these issues, one of the best routes is to implement…

These tips will get your employees as engaged as these people!

Eight Tips for Increasing Wellness Program Engagement

Dave Monahan - in Worksite Wellness

While it may seem straightforward to get employees to be active physically for only about 30 minutes a day, the fact that nearly two-thirds of Americans don’t achieve this speaks to the need to find new, creative solutions. When program providers and employers…

Wellness programs do more than improve health, they foster an active, productive lifestyle.

Employee Wellness Programs for a More Productive Workforce

Donna Haybarger - in Worksite Wellness

Healthcare in the United States has reached a crisis point. The cost of medical treatment is 274 times greater today than in 1950, even though the average cost of all other goods

With proper planning and management, like this expense report, wellness programs can make a difference in your company's bottom line.

Activate Wellness Programs to Achieve Key Workforce, Bottom-Line Objectives

Audrey Boone Tillman - in Worksite Wellness

In today’s changing economic climate, companies are always looking for ways to balance financial responsibility and keeping employees happy in the workplace

A man holding out a stack of cash.

Employee Wellness and ROI

Michael A. Schroeder - in Economics

When the suggestion of a wellness program is presented to an employer, an expected response might sound something like this; “Where is the money going to come from? Our health insurance premiums are going up 30 percent this year.

A group of employees asleep in a meeting.

Could Incentives be Harming Your Health Culture?

Andrew Stephenson - in Worksite Wellness

“We want a better culture of health” is a phrase echoing coast to coast (68 percent of CFO's

A stack of $100 bills wrapped in a stethoscope.

Taking Control: Real Health Care Reform

Scott Leavitt - in News & Insights

The much anticipated Supreme Court ruling of the Health Care Reform’s (PPACA)

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Our Three Piece Solution

Self-funding is a great way to understand healthcare costs and provide a company the opportunity to benefit from any savings that a health care strategy might generate.

The Impact of PPACA on Corporate Wellness Programs – Good, Bad or Unknown?

Greg Justice, MA - in News & Insights

One of the major thrusts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is an increased focus on prevention and wellness,

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