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A woman journaling, or a mental dump, for mental health

Mentally Dump for Mental Health

June Saruwatari - in Focused

The nagging thoughts of all the tasks that have to be done like the emails screaming for attention, the speech points you must prepare for the next company meeting, the lunch with that all-important client, the missing button on your new shirt, the mee

An employee climbing the steps to success, just like your wellness program.

Stages of Change: A Key to Successful Wellness

Janice Stanger - in Worksite Wellness

It is important to know if a wellness program is achieving all the goals set for it, or if the measurable results are uneven.

A small ripple in the water, making big waves.

Tiny Steps, The Ripple Effect

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Editorial

I think one of the problems we are facing with the declining health of Americans is that we are trying to tackle the problem on too large of a basis; a macro level, when we should be focusing on a micro level.

A smiling man eating a salad.

I’m too Busy to Eat Healthfully

Nicholas L. Merolla - in Focused

All too often in my practice, I’m confronted with the words, “I’m too busy to eat healthy.” It’s easy during the busy corporate day to just grab and go, or just to snack and go.

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