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An incentive motivating an employee

A Look at Incentives and How They Impact Motivation

Susan Zbikowski - in Economics

The use of financial incentives to encourage employee participation in health and wellness programs has grown steadily in recent years, and is now the norm. Included in this year’s Towers Watson/National Business Group on Health employer survey was the finding…

A couple talking to am insurance agent

The Carrot or the Stick? How about the Retirement Plan!

Scott Pooch - in Economics

The success of a wellness program links directly to the level of engagement and participation of the employee population. For years, the debate has raged over how to drive greater utilization by using rewards (a carrot), or penalties (a stick) to motivate…

A man looking at the missing piece of the wellness puzzle, i.e. incentives

Reinventing Corporate Wellness Incentives to Drive Actual Results

Grace Dickinson - in Economics

For years, most corporate wellness programs have done little more than “look good” as an added benefit on paper. Health culture within companies has gone neglected, with associated programs given little attention and their initial goals often left incomplete.…

Creating a culture of health helps foster cooperation and teamwork.

Peer Support and Gaming Encourages Healthy Behavior and Creates a Culture of Health

Dr. Laura Clapper - in Others

Unhealthy behaviors cost companies billions of dollars. In a study recently published in Health Affairs coauthored by Ron Goetzel, 22.4 percent of the $366 million spent

A word cloud with the words Diabetes, Type and insulin featured prominently.

Improving Workplace Wellness for Diabetes Patients ~ A Unique Solution

Laurie Van Wyckhouse - in Worksite Wellness

Workplace wellness programs are helping thousands across the country to prevent chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes,

Two stick figures on a bar graph working together to raise the final bar in place.

Benchmarking Wellness Programs: How Does Your Program Measure Up?

Benchmarking is a widely used business term describing research that compares one company’s business processes

People at the gym riding exercise bikes to do cardio and improve their health.

Employee Gym Membership Discounts: Going Beyond the Rate!

Holly Iftner - in Others

As the New Year approaches, joining a gym may be high on your employees’ resolution list and offering them a gym membership discount through a gym your company has partnered with may be high on yours! Corporate discounts on gym memberships are very common,

Changes in the wellness industry are causing growth in both program design and ROI

Outcomes, Innovation and Reliable Measures Fuel Growth of Wellness

Tracey Moorhead - in Worksite Wellness

Corporate wellness programs continue to proliferate, driven by increasing recognition of their benefits to employee health and productivity, as well as cost control

Employer are the leaders of change in wellness programs.

Creating a Next-Generation Wellness Program – Why Employers Should Take the Lead and How to Do It

Barbara D. Correll - in Worksite Wellness

Simply put, good health is good business. Experts agree there is a direct correlation between employee health and bottom-line results — and that building

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