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Communication is what makes wellness initiatives fit together.

Effective Communication with Employee Interaction

Kerry Alison Wekelo - in Selling & Marketing

Let’s start this discussion with a few questions. When do you listen to what others have to say? At what point do you disengage your attention? What type of communication is most effective and captivates you to wanting to know every detail? We live in a…

Positive emotions will have you jumping for joy at work!

The Benefits of Positive Emotions at Work

Dr. Shelly Gable - in Worksite Wellness

Science has long documented the toll that negative emotions such as anxiety, fear and sadness have on our minds and bodies. Recent evidence, however, highlights the previously under appreciated benefits of positive emotions, emotions such as contentment, joy,…

A woman with shoulder pan

Chronic Inflammation Heats Up Disease Risk

Melanie Jatsek - in Others

If you've ever accidentally touched a hot stove, you know all about inflammation. Your skin turns bright red, eventually blisters and the resulting pain lasts for what seems like eternity. Although it’s no walk in the park, this acute inflammatory response…

A stick figure overcoming stress to move past it and excel.

Reduce Aging & Improve Health by Managing Your Stress

Dr. Jeffery Gero - in Others

The foremost researcher and authority on stress, Dr. Hans Selye, defined stress as "the rate of wear and

A happy smiling couple in the produce section buying fruits and vegetables.

Good Dieting Will Dramatically Benefit the Economy

Brian Black - in Economics

Philly.com wrote earlier this year that one-third of Americans are in families that are having trouble paying

A woman sick in bed, in mid sneeze.

Why Chronic Stress can Make you Sick

Jacquelyn Ferguson, M.S. - in Others

The depressing news and the GREAT news about stress

A man in a flood, riding on a recliner chair holding an umbrella.

Lowering Stress and Anxiety for Shift Workers (and for others too!)

Betsy Connolly - in Worksite Wellness

Stress and anxiety are normal parts of life. Sometimes we all need a little angst to keep us going – to make the best presentation, ace the test or get the job offer. But over time

A happy couple playing with their kids in their backyard.

Stress for Success

Jacquelyn Ferguson, M.S. - in News & Insights

Laughter and humor will help bolster your life Being happy pays off in many ways

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