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Using calipers to determine body fat

Body Fat or BMI: The Employer’s Dilemma

Obesity is a common condition and is increasing in prevalence in the United States and globally.  Obesity is defined as a state of excess adipose tissue and is associated with hypertension, type 2 diabetes, stroke, coronary artery disease, dyslipidemia, musculoskeletal…

A stethoscope on an explanation of benefits

Employers Make Costly Healthcare Mistakes Every Day

Most readers will find it hard to believe that a vast majority of employers are costing themselves millions of dollars every year. That is to say that they are totally on board with conventional medicine’s approach to addressing our crisis of chronic disease…

Smartphones and treadmill desks will be the wellness tools of the future.

Mobile and Online Technology: Bridging the Gap to Lasting Behavior Change

Dr. Robert Grant - in Worksite Wellness

In our increasingly wired technology, communication is enhanced. However, this technology can also be contributed to our nation's worsening health. It is possible to harness this weakness and turn into a strength. By using mobile and online technologies, you…

Employee wellness programs can face problems with a culturally diverse workforce

A Failure to Communicate: How Cultural Incompetence Leaves Many Wellness Programs Incomplete

Rod Sims - in Worksite Wellness

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2015 racial and ethnic minorities will comprise 41.5 percent of the work force (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008).

A stethoscope listening to a keyboard key, with the words "Increasing Chronic Disease Costs Lowered with Digital Health Coaching"

Increasing Chronic Disease Costs Lowered with Digital Health Coaching

Dr. Steven M. Schwartz - in Worksite Wellness

Given the continual steep rise in health care costs in an already challenging economic environment,

A man meditating in a suit and tie in a white room.

Corporate Wellness Doesn’t Just Save Money; It Makes Money

Catherine Rudat - in Economics

The “double whammy” of skyrocketing healthcare costs and a sputtering economy—as if the cost of healthcare wasn’t a concern in the years before the recession—have put companies in an almost impossible situation.

Technology and internet access will play a crucial role in personal health in future.

Can the Internet Help Us Improve our Health?

The idea that patients are responsible for actively managing and maintaining their personal health and well-being – known in the medical community

Stations like these can soon be in wellness program everywhere, making the tracking of health data simple.

Self-testing Workplace Health Stations: Reducing Health and Productivity Risks due to Hypertension and Obesity

John T. Kelly - in Worksite Wellness

Hypertension, obesity, and overweight, which harm worker health and productivity, are epidemic in the United States. Among adults in the United States, approximately 30% are hypertensive

A road sign giving directions to Prevention Ave.

The Power of Prevention

Larry J. Luter - in News & Insights

It’s easy to go through life thinking everything with your body is ok, especially if pain and discomfort rarely rear their ugly heads. But some of the most devastating medical problems are quiet with their damage

A woman fighting stress by getting a massage.

The Cost of Stress on Everyday Lives

Jesse Curry - in Focused

What a world we live in today - physically, mentally, socially, economically and spiritually. We all come from diversified backgrounds; however, negative stress has influenced all our lives, especially these days.

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