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Choosing the right hospital can save you money.

Choosing the Right Hospital: Helping Employees Avoid Potential Harm

Are your employees exposed to medical errors or perhaps even overtreatment—and if so, as an employer, what is your responsibility? Fifteen years ago, after the Institute of Medicine published a 223-page report called To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health…

The Case for Direct Physician Contracting

Daniel Goldberg - in Focused

With insurance networks and reimbursements shrinking, physicians have been scrambling to find ways to avoid the insurance and managed care pitfalls. Simultaneously, employers who are self-funding the medical claims of employees have been searching for ways…

How Simple Improvements Yield Massive Gains in Health and Wellness

Garett Fortune - in Others

How Simple Improvements Yield Massive Improvement in Health and Wellness

Three older women playing soccer while laughing and smiling.

Baby Boomer Behavior, a Little bit Naughty and a Little bit Naïve

Virginia Eanes - in Others

We shook it up baby, we could twist and shout. We went to Woodstock, rocked and rolled.

A team of smiling doctors with their arms crossed over their chests.

Why You Should Make Your Local Hospital Your Partner in Wellness

Kevin A. Klockenga - in Worksite Wellness

Over the last decade, as businesses large and small have struggled to contain healthcare costs, they’ve turned to health plans, wellness and benefits consultants,

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