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The Currency of Wellness: The Bitcoin Revolution for Health Care Reform

Hayden Gill - in News & Insights

The discussion about corporate wellness is often one of initiatives: Generously sponsored walks, runs, conferences and attempts to increase awareness about a specific individual, who may also be the benefactor and namesake of a featured cause, or raise attention…

A smartphone downloading health information

Mobile Technology: A New Tool for Curbing Employer Healthcare Costs   

Robert Oscar - in Economics

As healthcare reform shifts into high gear, a growing number of employers recognize the value of convenient, streamlined health information and access. Specifically, they are investing in mobile health (mHealth) -- the use of mobile technology devices and…

A smartphone and wearable device

Wearables Set to Rejuvenate Corporate Wellness

Srinivasa Vanukuri - in News & Insights

Digital fitness trackers are the latest to make inroads into the employee wellness segment. Studies indicate that over 13 million such wearable activity-tracking devices will be streamlined into employee wellness programs by 2018. This figure hovered around…

A broker explaining changes in employee benefits to an employee

Corporate Wellness and Individual Knowledge: Empowering and Educating Workers About Health Insurance Reform

Frank Welsh, Sr. - in News & Insights

Amidst the debates, analyses, proposals and counteroffers, the multitude of conflicting reports and differing economic opinions

Manage healthcare costs better, and prevent your piggy bank from looking like this.

Five Steps to Healthcare Cost Management Success for Employers

Phyllis Ruez - in Economics

Healthcare reform legislation and spiraling medical costs across the industry have spurred CMS to introduce a number of initiatives designed to improve population health

Health care reform, or Obamacare, will make or break a wellness program.

Leverage Wellness Leadership: Make Lemonade from Healthcare Reform’s Lemons

Health reform makes for strange bedfellows. Wellness is a feel-good, employee engagement tool. Many employers still view wellness as a luxury. At the opposite end of the spectrum, consider new minimal health plan designs (“skinny plans”) promoted to employers…

Weighing health vs. costs

Employer Wellness Programs: Are They Worth the Money?

Vince Han - in Economics

As HR executives and wellness directors navigate the rapidly developing employer-sponsored wellness landscape, a common plea from C-level management is for more clarity around ROI (Return on Investment). For every dollar spent to support employee wellness,…

An employee check his watch, waiting for the employer mandate to take effect.

Employer Mandate Delayed

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Editorial

For the time being – at least a year -- employers now have a little bit of breathing room after the Obama Administration decided to delay the employer mandate and insurer reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Putting your quality on the max setting.

The Case for Quality

Justin Bellante - in Focused

Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is one of the leading Five Star Quality rating systems. Health plans offering Medicare and Medicaid Services receive bonus payments according to their Star ratings, higher quality equals higher compensation.…

Don't be confused about healthcare reform, or caught in the headlights of the coming regulations.

Don’t Get Left Behind: What the Survival of Healthcare Reform Means Going Forward

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Editorial

Things have gotten crazy in our office ever since last Thursday when the Supreme Court upheld the

The silhouette of a man with a liquor bottle.

Addiction and the Workplace: Improving Employees’ Access to Treatment

Phillip Greer - in Others

Substance abuse has a profoundly negative effect on the workplace in terms of decreased productivity

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