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A businessman at his desk with a sore neck

What’s Wrong With Wellness?

Dr. Bruce Campbell - in News & Insights

In order to build a culture of wellness in an organization, it’s important to be clear about what wellness means, the goals of the wellness program, what the program’s components are, and how the program “fits” into the work of the organization. Historically,…

A one hundred dollar ($100) bill with a tape measure around it.

Improving Health Plan Cost and MLR Attainment with eProcurement

Dennis Toohey - in Economics

eProcurement: A uniform and centrally controlled paperless, web-based enterprise process that tightly integrates procurement, accounts payable and accounting.

A flow chart showing the strategy needed to accomplish a long term goal.

Proven Strategies that Reduce Health Care Costs

Scott Foster - in Economics

Bright Lights, Big Options: Proven Strategies that Reduce Health Care Costs

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