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A man with a calculator and a stack of coins.

Is There More Than One Way of Calculating Return on Investment for Corporate Wellness Programs?

Karen L. Andalman - in Economics

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) has been an extremely controversial topic among wellness professionals for quite some time. I am not convinced that there is any real industry standard formula -and that becomes the challenge. Studies support that worksite…

A man looking at the missing piece of the wellness puzzle, i.e. incentives

Reinventing Corporate Wellness Incentives to Drive Actual Results

Grace Dickinson - in Economics

For years, most corporate wellness programs have done little more than “look good” as an added benefit on paper. Health culture within companies has gone neglected, with associated programs given little attention and their initial goals often left incomplete.…

An employee climbing the steps to success, just like your wellness program.

Stages of Change: A Key to Successful Wellness

Janice Stanger - in Worksite Wellness

It is important to know if a wellness program is achieving all the goals set for it, or if the measurable results are uneven.

A magnifying glass examining an expense report.

Tell the Right Story with Your Program Reporting Processes

The secret to success in reporting is to tell a credible story about the value of health promotion

A male doctor and female professional discuss her health.

Integration of Wellness within Worksite Health Center

Jonathan Spero, M.D - in Others

Corporate wellness programs, though very popular, are hampered by low engagement rates, less than desirable efficacy, and lack of integration with the delivery of medical care.

Three polished rocks with a stalk of grain.

Comprehensive Wellness Management Changes Behaviors

Shawna Dosser - in Worksite Wellness

Joe Kuchera and fellow management at Western New York’s Unifrax I LLC knew not to expect an immediate return on investment

A stethoscope listening to a keyboard key, with the words "Increasing Chronic Disease Costs Lowered with Digital Health Coaching"

Increasing Chronic Disease Costs Lowered with Digital Health Coaching

Dr. Steven M. Schwartz - in Worksite Wellness

Given the continual steep rise in health care costs in an already challenging economic environment,

This checklist will give you the tools and rules your wellness program needs.

Good-Intentioned Wellness Programs Need Rules Too

Emily Noll - in Worksite Wellness

A drier topic never draws a bigger crowd than a workshop on legal compliance regarding employment benefits. While Human Resource professionals aren’t required to be legal experts,

Stick figures working together to raise the trend toward positive results.

A Positive Mindset Leads to Positive Results

Joyce Hyam - in Focused

Companies are focused on the economy, sales, deadlines, competition, costs, insurance, and many other issues especially when the economy is down.

Worksite wellness and employee benefits work together to create healthier employees.

Worksite Wellness – An Investment in Human Capital

Lucy Crane - in Economics

Providing health benefits to employees is expensive, but poor employee health carries a high price, too. Increasingly, employers are moving away from viewing health benefits

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