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A fitness instructor reach a class

If You Want Wellness, Teach Wellness

Michael Prager - in Column

Presentations under the heading of corporate wellness often address stress management, smoking cessation, nutrition and exercise. Great topics all, but at best, they’re subsets of wellness. Related, surely, but I say: If you want wellness in your organization,…

A group of employees eating a healthy meal together, showing a healthy corporate culture

Five Necessary Tactics for Creating a Healthy Culture at your Workplace

Jordan Wootten - in Worksite Wellness

Is there a more buzz-worthy topic in corporate America right now other than employee wellness? If another subject is being tossed around more frequently, I’m certainly not aware of it. There has never been a time, in my recollection, where the idea of health…

A smiling woman eating a salad.

The Year of Acceptance – Eating Food for Health & Happiness

Kelly Lavieri - in Others

Being healthy starts from within, which for most of us, self acceptance is hard to find. We can easily console our friends and family when a crisis hits.

A street sign showing the ways to relaxation and stress..

Reduce Your Stress With Simplicity

Jacquelyn Ferguson, M.S. - in News & Insights

There's nothing simple about the typical American life. We work too hard, treat time like an enemy, amass too much stuff, and sit around too much watching TV while eating too much bad food.

A man in a suit looking through a pair of binoculars into the future.

Take Your Wellness Program to the Next Level

Michael Kelly - in Column, Worksite Wellness

Employers are looking for more innovative solutions to control costs and interject

A blackboard showing all of the elements of change management.

Train Your Brain to Create Lasting Change

Heather P. Shreve - in Focused

For most of us, preventing disease, especially cancer, is an important reason to create lasting changes around our health.

A group of smiling, multi-ethnic people laying on the ground in a circle, with a globe in the center near their heads.

Global Corporate Challenge – a Wellness Phenomenon with Worldwide Results

Glenn Riseley - in Worksite Wellness

With the worldwide obesity epidemic continuing to snowball, employers face the challenge of making

A bottle of pills spilling on top of a stack of dollar bills.

Health Care Cost Containment Beyond the Obvious

Lisa Hall - in Economics

When you think about health care cost-containment, you probably envision wellness programs such as weight loss plans, exercise regimens and smoking cessation programs.

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