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A woman surrounded by vegetables punching a Big Mac

The Biting Impact of Employee Food Choices on Your Bottom Line

Rosie Gonzalez - in Column

A quick search for “best diet” brings 3.5 million results on YouTube and 447,000 results on Google. At the top of the Google search, U.S. News recently posted a “Best Diets” review, giving the DASH Diet a number one rating. Yet, when it comes to diet—defined…

A doctor coming out of a laptop screen to show the concept of telemedicine

What is Next-generation Telemedicine?

Lena Cheng, MD - in Column

Blockbuster vs Netflix. Flip phones vs smartphones. Paper maps vs GPS. Traditional banking vs online banking. We are surrounded by products and services that help us get the things we need and want -- faster, easier, and, in some cases, cheaper than just a…

A checkup for financial wellness

Why Employers Should Pay Attention to the Financial Wellness of their Employees

Josh Verne - in Economics

Financial stress could be an invisible shackle hampering the productivity of your employees. Stacks of research clearly show that happy, stress-free employees are the most productive. It is in an employer’s best interest to cultivate a positive workplace…

A woman making a healthy food choice

Weight Loss Programs – Shed the Pounds and Save Some Money

Jeff Hyman - in Economics

There aren’t many companies that couldn’t use an extra million dollars. If you run a company with a thousand employees, that’s how much you could be saving by instituting a corporate wellness program for your employees. Studies show that two-thirds of…

An employee at work with back pain

The Sitting Crisis

Chip Mills - in Others

America's work culture is one of sitting in front of a computer screen for hours everyday. The dangers of prolonged sitting are becoming more and more apparent. New trends in some workplaces are designed to combat this. The trend of standing desks not only…

Vegetables defeating the junk food maze

What to Do When Your Office is a Junk Food Maze?

Sean Kelly - in Focused

We spend roughly a third of our lives at work. How we eat and behave at work can have a lasting impact on our lives. By making a concerted effort to eat healthier at work, many people can change their lives. Workplaces are helping with this by setting up healthy…

Meditating can help calm nerves, and may make you a better leader.

Do Meditators Make Better Leaders?

Dr. Jeffery Gero - in Others

No one seems to really say what meditation is. They do say what it does. I don’t believe that a meditator would get the same great benefits, which meditation offers,

Wellness is more than health, it is happiness

Wellness is Not Just about Health!

Rajeev Mudumba - in Worksite Wellness

With President Obama winning his second innings at the White House, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), and its implementations are back in focus.

Healthcare analytics are the future of cost savings.

The Cost Control of Health Benefits: A Beginner’s Guide to Analytics

Ginger Campbell - in Economics

This is the era of analytics. Decision making based on a thorough analysis of facts and figures is

A group of employees high-fiving.

Why Employers Should Link Employee Happiness to Greater Success

Jamey Bednez - in News & Insights

Many employers are being challenged to restrain rising health care costs. The realization that the lack

A well dressed employee walking a tightrope while another employee watches on.

The Reward in Risky Business

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Editorial

As I reflect on the excitement and growth of the 3rd Annual Employer Healthcare Congress, I think of a quote from one of our Keynote speakers, Bill Rancic,

Addressing the Health Crisis by Implementing a Workplace Wellness Program

Addressing the Health Crisis by Implementing a Workplace Wellness Program

Fabien Loszach - in Worksite Wellness

Over the last twenty years, we have seen the emergence of a major trend in North America: employee health and wellness are suffering.

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