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A healthy retirement home

Redefining Wellness and Transforming Retirement: Good Health and Active Living Abroad

Amnon Dahan - in Worksite Wellness

One of the many things corporate wellness should encourage is a new definition of retirement. This concept of wellness may originate in the workplace, but it extends to employees who are part of the same fraternity of healthy and active retirees – people…

Health and television can work together

Wellness by the Channel: Global TV and Insight About Personal Health

Tan Tran - in Others

Global TV and Insight About Personal Health Of the many things healthcare experts tell us to avoid, the most common one is to cease living a sedentary existence: To get up and out of the den, where we sit transfixed in a form of autohypnosis, as the slogans,…

The Case for Direct Physician Contracting

Daniel Goldberg - in Focused

With insurance networks and reimbursements shrinking, physicians have been scrambling to find ways to avoid the insurance and managed care pitfalls. Simultaneously, employers who are self-funding the medical claims of employees have been searching for ways…

Employees examining health data to determine if their wellness program is effective.

Does Corporate Wellness Work? A Global Perspective on Workplace Health Promotion

Wolf Kirsten - in Worksite Wellness

A recent editorial in the American Journal of Health Promotion by Michael O’Donnell titled Does Workplace Health Promotion Work or Not?

A globe , with a sign post on top showing the direction to various countries with their flags across the globe.

Strategies for Success for Global Corporate Wellness Programs

Peter Thomas - in Column

A Follow-up to the 3rd Annual Corporate Wellness Conference & 2nd Annual Global Benefits Conference’s 2011 Educational Session

A group of smiling, multi-ethnic people laying on the ground in a circle, with a globe in the center near their heads.

Global Corporate Challenge – a Wellness Phenomenon with Worldwide Results

Glenn Riseley - in Worksite Wellness

With the worldwide obesity epidemic continuing to snowball, employers face the challenge of making

A person holding an umbrella with dark storm clouds in the back grounds. TO the right are are the words "Your Employees Will Be Global Healthcare Consumers — Are You Prepared to Communicate with Them?"

Your Employees Will Be Global Healthcare Consumers — Are You Prepared to Communicate with Them?

Shawn M. Connors - in News & Insights

A “perfect storm” of trends occurred about 10 years ago in the music industry, and it changed the landscape of that business forever.

A happy man, stopping to enjoy the sun on his face while lying down in a field.

Become More Optimistic to Improve Health and Success

Jacquelyn Ferguson, M.S. - in Focused

Is the glass of your life half-empty or half-full? Your answer may influence your professional and personal success and your mental and physical health, possibly even which diseases you develop.

A long empty road in the middle of nowhere, how some still wellness programs in Hong Kong.

Corporate Health & Wellness in Hong Kong – A Road Yet To Be Travelled

Petro Loho - in Worksite Wellness

The rising prosperity of Asia's growing economies has drawn adverse consequences on employee wellness and the work-life balance of many people.

A man clutching his chest with heart pain.

Surprising Facts about Heart Disease

We all know the facts. Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States for both men and women. Having an active lifestyle combined with a healthy diet

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