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ROI in the wellness industry is a contentious topic, so what should employers do?

Should Employers Give Up on Wellness ROI?

by Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

Wellness programs have evolved over time—what was once a company softball team has been replaced by an onsite wellness center with physicians and employees in the workplace donning wearable devices that count steps. The growth within the wellness workplace…

A smartphone downloading health information

Mobile Technology: A New Tool for Curbing Employer Healthcare Costs   

Robert Oscar - in Economics

As healthcare reform shifts into high gear, a growing number of employers recognize the value of convenient, streamlined health information and access. Specifically, they are investing in mobile health (mHealth) -- the use of mobile technology devices and…

A man in front of a no smoking sign

Employees who Smoke can Cost You: So How about Doing Something?

Kytle Frye - in Economics

In today’s business environment, with increasing government regulation and marked uncertainty, wise employers want to do whatever they can to be in a position to manage their costs and to increase employee productivity. With the passage of the Affordable…

Calculating costs with spreadsheets and a calculator

Employee Healthcare Cost Containment – A Strategy that Works

Jonathan Spero, M.D - in Economics

American employers will be looking forward to another year of rising healthcare costs for their employees and dependents. Despite countless incremental solutions such as wellness programs, consumer driven healthcare and provider payment reform, there has been…

To start Changing Lifestyles you need to focus.

Changing Lifestyles of Employees – Creating a Sense of Urgency

Charles Bens, PhD. - in Focused

Employers from coast to coast are facing a troubling problem, how to get their employees to adopt healthier lifestyles and behaviors.

A stressed employee sailing a sea of paper work.

Combating the Cost of Stress

Michael Susi - in Economics

The cost of stress hits both individuals and organizations in so many silent ways that neither knows they are under attack until the damage is done.

The silhouette of a man with a liquor bottle.

Addiction and the Workplace: Improving Employees’ Access to Treatment

Phillip Greer - in Others

Substance abuse has a profoundly negative effect on the workplace in terms of decreased productivity

A thinking man in front of a whiteboard covered in ideas.

12 Tips to Implement an Effective Employee Health Program

Debroah McKeever - in Others

As healthcare costs rise, employers are becoming increasingly involved in employee health and wellness.

A New Wellness Intervention

A New Wellness Intervention that Can Increase Cancer Screening Rates for Employers

As a component of corporate wellness programs, cancer screening provides one of the most direct and immediate health benefits.

A couple playing with their children outside in the park.

Organizations Can Help Employers Face Tough Challenges by Enhancing Wellness Coaching

Dr. Charles Nagurka - in News & Insights

More employers are discovering they can reduce health care costs by embracing wellness programs.

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