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Symbols of Health and Icons of Corporate Wellness

Lawrence Engler - in Selling & Marketing

Since corporate wellness is a catchall for so many things, the challenge rests not with expressing each idea but encapsulating all relevant ideas in a powerful way. Doing so is more about visual command than verbal control, meaning if a company seeks to promote…

The Top 5 Reasons to Join the CHWA Today

Daniel Pyne - in Selling & Marketing

Whether you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, reinforcing your professional network, improve your skills and knowledge, or just want to meet new people, a professional association is what you need to take your career to the next level. These…

Covering the Knowledge Gap

Closing the Knowledge Gap: Addressing the Low Employee Benefits IQ of Working Americans

Gene Lanzoni - in Selling & Marketing

When it comes to understanding their employee benefits, working Americans don’t know as much as they think they do. A recent study by Guardian (the 4th Annual Workplace Benefits Study) shows that the majority of employees believe they have the knowledge…

The Best and Worst Benefits

Look Inside: The Best—and Most Unique—Employee Benefits

by Courtney Wolfe - in Selling & Marketing

When deciding to accept a new job, nearly 60 percent of all perspective employees feel a company’s perks and benefits are almost as important as the salary offered, according to a recent survey conducted by Glassdoor Economic Research. That’s roughly three…

Marketing data is only half of the story

Medical Marketers Discuss Importance and Limits of Data

by Daniel Pyne - in Selling & Marketing

  The first Medical Marketing & Media Hall of Femme was held in New York, bringing together three of the top women in the medical marketing industry to discuss the role of data and the importance of human interaction in medical marketing. The panel…

An inventor at work

Roleo: An Inventor’s Journey from Concept to Product

Paul Kleiman - in Selling & Marketing

If you have an idea for a wellness product but no idea how to make it a reality, you’re not alone. People have great ideas every day. A tiny percentage makes it to consumers. Going from concept to marketplace isn’t for the faint of heart. Yet, because…

Communication is what makes wellness initiatives fit together.

Effective Communication with Employee Interaction

Kerry Alison Wekelo - in Selling & Marketing

Let’s start this discussion with a few questions. When do you listen to what others have to say? At what point do you disengage your attention? What type of communication is most effective and captivates you to wanting to know every detail? We live in a…

A group of new treadmills in a row at an onsite clinic.

Onsite Fitness And Wellness Centers Do Not Have The Warranty They Think They Have On Their New Fitness Equipment

Steve Paterson - in Selling & Marketing

Onsite fitness and wellness centers across America are having problems with the warranty

A sign pointing to Mexico, with the words "Cross-Border Healthcare in California – Salud con Health Net" below.

Cross-Border Healthcare in California – Salud con Health Net

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Selling & Marketing

Many health insurance companies have been or are starting to offer options for health

A smiling man using a smartphone with his friends in the background.

Corporate Wellness: Utilizing Smartphones for Chronic Disease Management

Pamela Swingley - in Selling & Marketing

In a perfect world, none of us would have to take any medications. Our meals would consist mostly of fruits, vegetables and grains.

A woman holding her notes, about to give a presentation to a meeting.

Educating Consumers about Healthcare Price Transparency is the Best Solution to Controlling Costs

Dr. Jeffery Rice - in Selling & Marketing

Health reform won’t stop providers from overcharging for care, only consumers can do that.

A black puzzle with pieces missing.

Our Three Piece Solution

Self-funding is a great way to understand healthcare costs and provide a company the opportunity to benefit from any savings that a health care strategy might generate.

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