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Culinary Genomics: Conversing with Your Genes

Roberta L. Kline, MD FACOG and Joe R. Veltmann, FAAIM DCCN - in Cancer, Diabetes, Genomics, Mental Health, News & Insights

Here is a little-known fun fact:  the food we consume at each meal “talks” with our genes. Yes, as improbable as it seems—a vibrant “conversation” occurs every time you eat or drink.  While it has been known for centuries that food can be healing…

A case study with American Express detailing their disease education programs

American Express: Leveraging Non-traditional Disease Education into Wellness Strategies

Thomas Bognanno - in Case Study, Column, Diabetes

Many people may not know that health nonprofits do more than invest research money for cures. The discoveries that come from
research include why diseases occur, therapies and medications that can help manage them and the information that can

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